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Saturday, 20 April 2013


Oh dear, been a while.
Could make up excuses but in reality I've just been busy catching up with life. I've started my new workout routine at the beginning of the month and it makes me feel superhuman. Also started to practice my hopefully future job. I need a lot more to learn, but damn, considering things, I'm good in what I'm doing, so here's hope.
Ain't going to lie, the weather being nicer is responsible for my lifted mood too. April seems to be a really good month so far.
Lileeva is very sturdy on her feet now. She used to throw a screaming fit when I tried to make her walk a couple of steps from the pram to the swings, she must've been intimidated by the big, outside area, regardless her being able to walk safe and sound indoors. Anyways, she's running about, exploring the playground now. The swings and slides are her favourites.
Lileeva is slowly outgrowing both her clothes and toys, so it's another investment ahead of us. She's still obsessed with Peppa Pig but started to care about Ben & Holly too. They are on the list alongside In the Night Garden..., cars and blocks.
She isn't only getting taller but damn her hair grows so fast! It's curly/wavy at the back, not sure which one of us she's gotten it from. Probably Lee.
Right, I said I'll be challenging us with the nice weather approaching, so I think I give myself a couple of more weeks of educating on potty training then it's time for that too. Sigh.
They grow up so fast!