Lileeva's birthday

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Sunday, 3 August 2014


Here we go.
The past week Lileeva has had her naps in knickers, without pretty much no accidents. (One, but that was an unusually long nap.) So we decided to get a waterproof sheet/mattress protector, take the sides of the cot off, and give this night time dryness a go too. We placed her potty and some toilet roll beside her bed, offering to leave her side lamp on for the night, which she refused.
The first night was weird... She woke up dry, but one of her comfort teddies was soaking. I figured she must have used it as a nappy. However, the second night was perfect. She woke up dry, and regardless of the darkness, she managed to get up, do a wee in her potty, then get back to bed. I'm so proud of her!
We yet to work on her wanting to stay in bed, when we put her down the evening. Started on the bed time stories, but she keeps getting up afterwards, saying it's 'Morning time!' and we have to raise our voices to get her back to bed. I'm sure this won't be problem for long though, she's a fast learner.