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Friday, 31 May 2013


Lileeva says 'Morning!' now.
Wish hungarian was a little easier so she could say a few words on that language too. But blatantly, 'morning' ('moanin') is easier than 'joreggelt' ('yo-rag-guilt') haha! Soon hopefully though...
I put a photo out of my mum and nan next to Lee's parents' picture, just so Lileeva looks at them daily too, and hopefully in September when we're going for a visit she won't only recognise but will too remember them. She keeps pointing at the photo and kissing it, so sure she has some kind of memories of them?!
I found out recently that one of our family friend is pregnant with a girl, so I've given out most of Lileeva's old stuff that I were saving for baby number #2. It just doesn't seem to happen right now (I'm getting fairly regular periods again actually.) and they were taking over lots of space, so this seemed to be the best option.

I've been absent lately again, because there is nothing significant to write about and I don't want to flood this blog with personal issues, but here's bit of an explanation.
Basically once in a year me and Lee seem to have this massive argument mainly due to him not talking to me on a regular basis, letting things pile up in him, and wanting to solve them with splitting or taking a few weeks break. Then he changes his mind, decides to stay and everything is fine for another year. It's like he gets his period once a year and becomes super moody and aggressive instead of opening his mouth and communicate with me on a daily basis.
Also, I'm pretty sure he thinks I became a bore because I don't anymore get off-my-tits-crawling-home-the-morning drunk whenever I've got a chance, unlike him. Having an obsessive personality is hard, but finally I'm managing to put all my energy into positive things, such as health. Whether or not it's boring for some.
That's about it, going into further details isn't even important.
So it was bit downer of a time, hence my lack of activity here.
All is good now though.

Monday, 13 May 2013


18 months today. Wow. So after this one-and-a-half-year milestone we only count the years, officially. It's going too quick!
I know I probably should post more often, but I can't seem to find any outstanding subjects lately. No motivation either, after the long days chasing Lileeva around. She is learning and growing right before our eyes, dropping certain interests like cat food and plug sockets and picking up new ones, like cleaning cupboard, jumping in puddles and practicing walking on stairs, instead of climbing them.
She's also very independent, hardly wanting to hold our hands when walking down the street and honestly, this freaks me out. I obviously pick her up when crossing the road and holding her when we are not in a traffic-dead area, but still.
I met a mum in a baby group and her 18 months old was talking! Proper talking, like 'Mum, come with me!' I was beyond shocked! I however always knew Lileeva will take her time, being brought up in a bilingual household probably isn't easy.
Her association is very good though. saying 'Peppa' when Peppa Pig comes on, 'bubbles' when going in the bath, 'Hello!' when we meet someone, and she wipes her nose straight away if she finds a tissue lying around haha!
I'm slacking on the potty training business... What if I'll be doing it wrong?! Not sure why does it freak me out so much though, I mean general parenting should be scarier than potty training, right?! Somebody give me a pep talk please!
Small and petite as she is, it was time again, so we invested in a new wardrobe for her. Lileeva is slowly becoming a right little lady.