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Wednesday, 27 March 2013


We booked our Rome accomodation on Monday night. It took a while to choose a good enough place.
We had a budget, obviously, which wasn't the lowest by the way.
I wanted a central location so we didn't have to take public transport daily. The weather's going to be amazing and we will still have the pram so are planning to walk to pretty much everywhere. I wasn't too fussed about having a pool or included breakfast. However, we definitely in need of an extra cot, because Lileeva fidgets a lot so there is a chance she would roll off of the bed while asleep. I also wanted to have either an en suite or private bathroom, which is, as surprising as it may sounds, isn't the easiest to find. What we choose isn't an apartment, so doesn't have a kitchenette, but hopefully will have a fridge in the room where we can store some soya milk for Lileeva's night time bottles and well, for some morning coffees for me. It's located about 5 minutes from the Colosseum and has bit of a hippie atmosphere. Was surprised about Lee liking it too haha!
It wasn't expensive at all, in fact around the lower end of the price range, free cancellation in case we changed our minds plus all fees to be payed on our arrival. The manager has already contacted us within a day after our booking, offering a cheap-ass cab service from and to the airport, answering all our questions (Yes, they have a cot and a fridge in each room.) and providing a link for the weather forecast! We seem to hit the jackpot.

On another note, I'm still struggling with Lileeva's terrible twos. I'm simply unable to distract her every single time she throws a tantrum, which is mainly attention seeking anyway, or a fit due to taking something dangerous off from her. Sigh.
She keeps proving how clever she is as well. I don't just big her up because she's mine, others have mentioned it too, plus I see children around her age in baby groups quite often and they seem to be fooled easier than her. Example? Since she likes to chew on wires and playing with my phone, when I put it on charge I have a 'secret' hiding place for it... I had, for about a month. Now every time I for example let her play with my phone, when she got bored, she nicely places it to its 'secret' place. I never use that space, unless I'm charging my phone because well, it's super out of my way. We are also unable to play magic tricks with her anymore, because she instantly knows where to look for her 'magically disappeared' toy, regardless it's being under the sofa or behind our backs, she just knows.
Also, Lileeva's hair is long enough now to tie up in a pony tail, plus she nicked one of my horror themed hairband, with an eyeball on the bow. The pride of raising such an open minded child!
I love her so much!

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Hello period! One less thing to worry about, woohoo!
I'm really not surprised about the confusion my body had go through the past years. All the horrible things I put in it for years (Unhealthy food, alcohol, nicotine... Just to name a few.), then suddenly stopping a couple of years back, just to have the healthiest pregnancy I could possibly have. Then the high hormone dosed thyroid medication and contraception. Then the lifestyle change (Healthy food, less alcohol, no nicotine.), then withdrawing the contraception, then starting to exercise... No wonder my system is like 'What the fuck, woman?!'
Anyway, mother nature is striking, and I'm happy about it for once.
I can sleep fairly alright lately as well. I've given up on diet coke and ta-daah my sleep has improved. I drank copious amount of that stuff, no really, I have.
Just to rub it in; I feel super accomplished today as well. I finally got my arse on gear, stopped making up excuses, put my negative attitude aside and invested in things that will help me in my future career. The rest of my tiny savings is to be spent on my health and that oh-so-mentioned new workout routine. Being a superstitious chump, I don't want to jinx neither of the above, hence the reason I'm talking in riddles instead of stating what job I'll be going for and what workout I'll be doing.
I'm really determined and happy with myself, yes, regardless this bloody snow storm at the end of March!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Teething toddler. Either that, or she's ill again.
Temperature, moodiness, tiredness, tantrums. We have the entire package. I do hope it's her teeth. That would mean the last four are on their ways so when they are out, we are done.
Birgit's toddler-mummy get together on Friday was well nice! I already knew a couple of mums there and also got to meet and make friends with a few others. Wine was flowing, kids were nicking each other's toys, mums were chatting.
Here I have to state: I officially became the type who gets pished after a few glasses of rosé. Hello classy (?) mummy style and good-bye Jagermeister necking party animal. I suppose we all have to grow up at some point.
Lileeva might be a daddy's girl deep in heart, but sure as hell she's quite similar to me as well. Sunday's baby rave was the perfect example for that. I wasn't quite sure how will she take the dark room, laser lights and pumping beats but as soon as we arrived she literally ran off, and no one could move her from the dance floor! Even when I tried she found her way back quick. Was a good exercise for me though, because every child was their parent's responsibility all the time, and since it was quite dark I had to stay super alert, running after her.
Anyways, my point is, regardless Lee likes it or not, Lileeva does have a little trippy-hippie lost in her haha!

Thursday, 14 March 2013


Lileeva is back on having only one nap a day again, which makes easier to plan our days ahead. Since there are no groups for my liking on Thursdays, I took her out to the park after breakfast, then being a lazy ass mum, we just stayed in the afternoon watching cartoons.
I popped in a good old Disney classic, The Lion King. 1994! That was 19 years ago, and I remember it's coming out! Damn, didn't it make me feel ancient!
By the way, another outsider mentioned on Wednesday's baby group, that Lileeva looks just like me. Finally! I know she will go through many changes, but I was a bit upset keep hearing she didn't look anything like me, after giving birth. Surely my all-over-the-place hormones back then didn't boost my self esteem either haha! Just to be clear: I didn't at all mind the fact, what bugged me was that people kept rubbing it in. Ah well, here you all go.
I'm going to Birgit's toddler-mummy party tomorrow afternoon, having a baby-free Saturday because Lee is taking Lileeva to see aunty Louise and her cousins, then it's baby rave time on Sunday! I think I convinced another couple of mums to come and meet me there. I'm really looking forward to get to know these ladies outside the baby groups.
Me and Lee had a chat a few nights back and he made a subtle hint that he wouldn't mind having more kids. Plurality! It made me really happy. Mainly cause I remember, around half a year ago I had to seriously work on convincing him in favour of starting to try for a second, and then his reply was 'Alright, but I think regardless whether it's a boy or a girl, we should stop after the second. I don't want to be one of those couples whom keep trying until they get the gender they want.' which I was absolutely fine with.
I'm honestly O.K. either way. I wouldn't at all mind having a big(ger) family, in fact I think I'd quite enjoy it. But at the same time, I'm 100% happy with what I've already got and having only Lileeva would mean she could have all my attention.
They are my little world.

Monday, 11 March 2013


That extra hour of sleep does wonders!
Or it might just be the fact of not waking up for Lileeva's every twist and turn through the baby monitor. Yes, I slept in the living room last night and damn wasn't it satisfying! It's way past by Lee snoring or me being paranoid about waking him up fidgeting. I'm just simply unable to sleep in our bed. My back is constantly killing me, nothing to do with the mattress but me needing a back support.
Amongst other reasons, I really can't wait to start my new training, hopefully with improving my back muscles I will have less problems with sleeping as well.
On Sunday we are going for a baby rave with Lileeva, Virág and Nicole! I might have Giulia and Birgit plus another mum and son tagging along whom I'm recently meeting on baby group sessions. Finding it funny how Lee kept calling baby groups as baby raves, then I stumble in this online. I love the hippie-trancey-squat party like idea, for and with babies. It's held only for an hour or so during the afternoon, and takes place once a month. If it turns out as good as it sounds, that's me getting my party on with Lileeva every month from now on.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


A couple of days ago when Lileeva spotted my lunch, blatantly pointed at it and asked loud and quite clear 'What's that?' then another time she was saying 'I love...' walking towards me with her arms open! Awww!
She can be the sweetest thing ever, but damn doesn't she have a temper! Every time I tell her off, she starts to scream and throws herself on the floor, which if I'm not careful about, makes her cry due to bashing her head in. It's not even like I tell her off all the time, mainly just when she throws her unwanted bits of food on the floor, or when playing with the plugs, even then I usually just tell her 'No!' and move her from the socket. She only ever gets gentle hand smacks when she intentionally throws things at us, for example my own phone. I'm not sure whether or not it's the right parenting, but I don't give in to her hissy fits, in my opinion if I did, she would end up being a spoiled little brat, which I really don't want.
Lileeva became a really fussy eater lately! She doesn't eat things she used to like and not so keen on some of the newly introduced stuff either, so our food choices are quite limited nowadays.
At least I was right about her lactose intolerance, no toddler's diarrhoea luckily! She's absolutely fine on soya milk and back on the daily one, healthy poo. Ah yeah!
Me and Lee took her out to the farm this afternoon, to meet with a real (Peppa) pig, goats, donkeys and chickens. I think she liked the chickens the most, she was chasing them and copying the rooster's crowing haha!

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


A mixture of thoughts ahead.
I have some seriously irregular periods since the implant has been taken out. Either that, or I have lost them. It's been a while, I mean it's March and the past 4 months I only had two. It only bothers me because we decided on another baby, so... Then again, it will happen if/when it should, and my system probably just still adjusting to my new diet and exercise plan, and/or my thyroid functions might be changing at last?!
An outsider who met me, Lee and Lileeva for the very first time said Lileeva looks a lot like me! For once! I got used to keep hearing how much she used to look like Lee, but lately people are noticing the similarity between me and her too, and it makes me happy.
Lileeva is back on having two naps a day again. Not sure how I feel about it, but as long as it works for her, I'm easy. It just means we're missing out on baby groups, but since the weather is nicer I usually just take her out to the park after lunch, same as last summer. She wakes up around 07am lately, has a nap before lunch and has one after we are back from the park, before dinner.
She is also trying to talk a lot more, uses different sounds and words on purpose. She also knows the meaning of a lot of words, regardless she isn't able to say them.
I met a mum over the playground yesterday and we started to chat while pushing our daughters on the swings. Her little one is coming up to 3, she was obviously walking, talking and was very aware of things around her. For this reason, I was shocked when her mum started to explain to me that her previous couple (Twins.) were conceived via IVF and the one swinging 'was just an accident'. What?! I would never in a blue moon would call Lileeva an accident. I even hate using the term 'unplanned' because as soon as we found out that I was pregnant, we were planning her. Nor would I say something like this out loud in front of her! Well baffled!
Lee is planning a family day out for us on the weekend! We probably are going to a farm and maybe having a little picnic if the weather is nice. Proper happy about it, and the fact that it was his suggestion. It just shows he really does care. Some of my friends with kids are having great difficulties with their partners, and no efforts seems to be paid by their other halves. I know that we have hard times with Lee every now and then, but he always seems to care, and tries to make things work too. It's all been gayly good lately though. I'm a happy bunny.

Monday, 4 March 2013


I'm not entirely sure when did this happen, but Lileeva is walking now. And I do mean she rather walk around the flat than crawl. Lee even took her out for a journey and she was walking to and from the bus stop! Regardless she's comfortable in a small familiar place, I would have thought she would be scared out on the streets.
Either way, when I took her out today, she wasn't so keen. She was certainly due her nap and wearing different shoes so I didn't force her much.
Still hesitating between the hard and soft sole shoes... We do have both, and she seems to be able to walk easier in the soft sole ones, but I find it's too cold for them, and she will have to learn to walk properly in hard sole ones sooner or later anyway.