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Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Teething toddler. Either that, or she's ill again.
Temperature, moodiness, tiredness, tantrums. We have the entire package. I do hope it's her teeth. That would mean the last four are on their ways so when they are out, we are done.
Birgit's toddler-mummy get together on Friday was well nice! I already knew a couple of mums there and also got to meet and make friends with a few others. Wine was flowing, kids were nicking each other's toys, mums were chatting.
Here I have to state: I officially became the type who gets pished after a few glasses of rosé. Hello classy (?) mummy style and good-bye Jagermeister necking party animal. I suppose we all have to grow up at some point.
Lileeva might be a daddy's girl deep in heart, but sure as hell she's quite similar to me as well. Sunday's baby rave was the perfect example for that. I wasn't quite sure how will she take the dark room, laser lights and pumping beats but as soon as we arrived she literally ran off, and no one could move her from the dance floor! Even when I tried she found her way back quick. Was a good exercise for me though, because every child was their parent's responsibility all the time, and since it was quite dark I had to stay super alert, running after her.
Anyways, my point is, regardless Lee likes it or not, Lileeva does have a little trippy-hippie lost in her haha!

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