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Saturday, 9 March 2013


A couple of days ago when Lileeva spotted my lunch, blatantly pointed at it and asked loud and quite clear 'What's that?' then another time she was saying 'I love...' walking towards me with her arms open! Awww!
She can be the sweetest thing ever, but damn doesn't she have a temper! Every time I tell her off, she starts to scream and throws herself on the floor, which if I'm not careful about, makes her cry due to bashing her head in. It's not even like I tell her off all the time, mainly just when she throws her unwanted bits of food on the floor, or when playing with the plugs, even then I usually just tell her 'No!' and move her from the socket. She only ever gets gentle hand smacks when she intentionally throws things at us, for example my own phone. I'm not sure whether or not it's the right parenting, but I don't give in to her hissy fits, in my opinion if I did, she would end up being a spoiled little brat, which I really don't want.
Lileeva became a really fussy eater lately! She doesn't eat things she used to like and not so keen on some of the newly introduced stuff either, so our food choices are quite limited nowadays.
At least I was right about her lactose intolerance, no toddler's diarrhoea luckily! She's absolutely fine on soya milk and back on the daily one, healthy poo. Ah yeah!
Me and Lee took her out to the farm this afternoon, to meet with a real (Peppa) pig, goats, donkeys and chickens. I think she liked the chickens the most, she was chasing them and copying the rooster's crowing haha!

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