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Sunday, 6 April 2014


Lileeva made me very happy and all emotional tonight. She gave me the usual kiss, cuddle with a squeeze, then held my head, looked in my eyes and said 'Mummy, I love you!' all by herself, for the very first time.
These are the moments Life is worth living.

Saturday, 5 April 2014


I've spoken too soon.
This potty training malarkey is insane and nerve-wracking. After the first successful day, Lileeva was back in her nappies for about two weeks, due to her illness. Re-started this potty and toilet madness on Monday, and I've been in bitch-mode since.
She knows what to do, where to go, she's even able to hold it in for long period of times... She just doesn't want to go on the potty. Or the toilet. She would scream until I put knickers on her, but feels safe weeing in them when she can't hold it anymore, regardless of me letting her run around in her wet pants after for a little while. Clearly, this reverse tactic of making her feel uncomfortable doesn't work.
I know she is ready, she is just lazy, and wants to go for the comfortable version. Well, don't we all?! Anyways, I'm not giving up. It just might takes longer than I expected. Joy.
Lileeva is getting better in talking and chatting with us, but we still have food issues. Soon, I hope, that will get sorted too. I have a follow-up appointment with the dietician in May, and she expects Lileeva to be weaned off of her night time bottle by then. This simply isn't going to happen. The potty training madness is enough for now. When she's dry throughout the day, then there will be the time to reduce her milk intake and go for a cup instead of a bottle, in the hope of keeping her dry throughout the night too.
But it feels like we have a long way to go until then. Sigh.
Not to mention, then so we probably going to have to deal with her waking up throughout the night - Until she gets the hang of eating more 'real' food, and drinking less milk before bed. She already has this tendency lately of waking up in the middle of the night, once or twice a week, screaming, demanding to come and sleep with us. I know, caving isn't the right thing, but damn, I ain't no heartless, so we just let her...
On another note, she became very good at drawing. All she does is cover papers -and lately herself as a tattoo- with faces. That's my girl!