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Monday, 26 March 2012


So here, Lileeva's room.




The guitar still go on the wall but apart from that it's all done. I just hope she is going to like it cause it was hell of a work! I to be honest would love to spend every minute there with her, only put off that the room is not on the sunny side of the building, like our living room.
(Thanks Lee for helping me in painting and outlining.)


200 posts and I'm blogging for over a year now, keeping it up to date. Chuffed with myself.
On Thursday me and Lee took Lileeva out to Highbury Fields just to chill on the grass and meet with Kali, Loki and Isla. Isla, Kali's 4 year old daughter called Lee weird; Cracked me up much! You just have to love kids honesty.
On Friday morning we went to Boots to try and get rid off all my vouchers. Arrived home with 3 heavy bags of mainly baby stuff and £85 lighter. (That's with the £10-15 discount already.) Then, since the weather was very nice and had a few more hours til Lee's mum were picking Lileeva up, we went over London Fields with her.
I like taking her out, bit of a sun and fresh air doesn't harm no one, in fact tires both of us out and makes us sleep better.

Then nanny took her and we had a free weekend. We went out on Friday, which was really nice since haven't been out the bunch of us for literally over a year! I came home earlier though, didn't want to get wrecked and hanging the next day, even though we didn't have Lileeva until Saturday evening.
Instead, I fumigated the flat (Fucking silverfishes!) and finished off her room. We moved her in that night, but I slept on the couch, just to have my mind in peace.
I eventually let her sleep alone for the first time yesterday. Reckon she enjoyed it, we had to wake her the morning with a bottle.
As of today, I went to get her ear pierced at last. Well happy about being able to choose a simply silver coated stud over the bling bling gold and colourful crystal ones. It was a reasonable (Haha, more likely bargain!) £10 and by we were leaving the chemist her tears have already dried.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Met with Nicol last night to pass the little baby girl clothes to her. Bye-bye cute pink grows! She said she can't wait to get where I am now, having to hold her baby, but she still has a couple of months to go. I told her I can't wait to be pregnant again...
We had a long baby chat, it was well good. She was also asking about giving birth itself so I told her the story. I probably shouldn't have, she looked frightened, then admitted she was already scared of it anyway but now! Then I realised how was I at her stage. I wasn't at all scared, in fact positive, looking up online, searching for other bloggers' stories, then again I was well unsure too. It's all about going into something life changing, and no matter what others say you just can't imagine it. Forgot about all these things, since my life has already changed, 4 months ago, and I got perfectly used to it now.
She said she doesn't really understand after I went through (And how painful it sounds.) how can I think about wanting to be pregnant again. Well... She will understand, in a few months.

I'm having a day off today! Lee got up early (We can't sleep with each other. Fact.), waited for Lileeva to wake up, took her for a walk over the park, then to baby massage, then to his grandad. Since his cousins are down, he'll stay out for longer and come back with her some point tonight, before her bed time.
As of me, I went back to bed to have a cheeky nap and woke up at 02pm! Must've needed it. Now to have a bit of  'me time' and a mini spa day. Ah yeah!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


I'm feeling guilty.
As I said many times before, I'm a shit sleeper. Even though I put Lileeva down, I can't go to sleep at 10pm but around 01am. Then so it takes me another hour or so to fall asleep, wake up throughout the night about 3-4 times, wake up for Lee getting home at 0730am then for Lileeva at 08am. Bad enough that my selfish self got used to waking up for her at 09am (That precious hour!) nowadays I'm having these crazy nightmares too, every night.
For some reason Lileeva woke up at 04am this morning. Tried to calm her but she just wouldn't stop so at the end had to give her a bottle. She clearly just woke up for something (Might be something to do with her jabs.), then realised she's actually hungry and since I was up too she didn't let me until I fed her.
I was beyond tired and messaging with Lee made me venting, using the words 'I hate my life at the moment.' now it's awful! Some mums would be well happy if their babies slept as much as Lileeva does!
Anyways, I think all new mums go through the 'Hate my life. Why the fuck did I actually want this?!' stage, if they say they don't, they are clearly lying.
I just feel guilty of getting pissed off so easily with her, when it's obviously not her fault that I can't sleep.
I'm thinking of cutting her down on solids, not cause of what the nurse said, but cause lately she's not finishing her last bottle and that might makes her waking earlier. So I'll be trying to feed her once, during the day, and not giving her another dose of puree before the last bottle.

I took this picture yesterday, she's smiling at herself in the mirror. I wonder whether she knows it's herself (After all I'm holding her and she can clearly see me there too.) or thinks it's a different baby, cause what would she know about mirrors yet?!

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Kali and Loki came around yesterday. The babies were smiling at each other while we were having a cuppa and a chat, it was beyond cute!
Then we went to get Lileeva's last lot of jabs done. She wasn't too happy obviously, but as soon as we left the GP she stopped crying. The nurse said I shouldn't feed her solids until 6 months cause of the many fat babies and obese people in the UK lately. My ass. She weight her and she's average with her 6.34 kg ~ 13.9 lbs. At 4 months girls weight supposed to be between 13 and 15 lbs and she's bang on the middle, so I'm not too worried.
Babies supposed to be chubby anyway, and lose most of their fat when start crawling.
She's not there yet by the way, hates tummy time too so it's hard to get her to even roll, but is definitely on the move. The other day found her on the floor crying (Mainly in surprise than pain.) cause wiggled her way down from the sofa. Nowadays when I have her sitting/laying on me she pulls herself up and drops herself face first on the sofa. Doesn't yet know how to use her hands or push herself up so usually starts to moan for help, but hey, that's how she learns.

Her room is done now, only the ceiling which we are having trouble with but that will be finished next week as well.
The Disney lot has downloaded finally, after 5 months of waiting, so I'm watching one cartoon every night with her. She's not really interested yet, but I'm enjoying myself and that's still better than to watch some violent action movie in front of her.
We ended up having Sky as well. Not too bothered, in fact quite happy about it. Cbeebies done my head in (Crap children shows all day long.) while Boomerang shows all the oldschool goodies, like Dexter's Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Tom and Jerry and so on.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Happy 4th month baby girl!


Sorted out Lileeva's 0-3 clothes last night. Thought they were still alright, but putting her in the 3-6 ones made me sure it was time for the change.
The sizing is a bit screwed though. She's 4 months and still fits in 0-3 clothes, while her new hat is size 3-6 and way too big, fitting Alfie perfectly, who's 10 months.
Was a hard job, I have to admit. Keeping a few for the next one and giving out quite a bit. Since we are keeping only unisex clothes and giving most pink and girly out we had the usual conversation with Lee, saying we probably (Definitely, knowing us.) will have a girl next as well.

On another note, by the look of it I'm one of the many having side effects from the contraception implant. I had it put in my arm on the 25th of January, on my first 'real' period after pregnancy, then I was a couple of weeks late and now I'm on my period for over a week now. Not heavy period, but still...
Ah well, hopefully it stops soon, and stops for good. Until the implant expires in 3 years anyway.


Booked our holiday for Budapest finally. We'll be going between the 9th and 17th of May. Not quite sure I'm ready to spend lots of time indoors with my parents but hey...
The little stroller has arrived today as well, ordered it from eBay, it's tiny, light and folds. Hopefully will be enough for Tenerife, even though it only has one, sitting position. If we're lucky Lileeva will be able to have little naps in it while we are out and about.

Since Lee is trying to give up smoking too, I had him carry Lileeva around for short trips. Even though he doesn't look pleased, he admitted of loving it.
As of smoking; I've been out the Friday before and got well drunk and had packets of fags as they come hand in hand. After that haven't touched any, even though I'm well tempted every now and then. So far it's 11 days... Sure I'll be able to do it, after all wasn't really smoking when I was pregnant either.
Lee is cutting down too. He is trying to only smoke rollies at work and don't at all smoke at home. See how long it lasts.

Went to Lou's today. On the photo Alfie and Lileeva doesn't look too different anymore even though they are! While Lileeva mainly lays, has bottles and sits up every now and then with her wibble-wobble head, Alfie's crawling away, picking things up he not supposed to, chewing 'real' foods with his teeth and drinking tea. This is 6 months, such a difference at this age!
By we go to Tenerife, Lileeva will be this age and will do all the above. Can't yet picture it to be honest.

Sunday, 11 March 2012


Lileeva still not so keen on apple puree. She likes banana, sweet potato and pear though.

I can't wait to have her in her own room, mostly cause of her than cause of us. I usually put her down after a bath and bottle around 10pm, then I go and have a bath, maybe watch some telly or just geeking away, but since our door is quite noisy I usually disturb her when I go to bed myself.
Same with Lee coming home from work around 0730am. Not helping that I usually wake up for Lee anyway since being a light sleeper, and I'm ill nowadays so as soon as I wake up I start to cough (Horrible dry cough, the worst I must say, which you can't do fuck all with.) waking Lileeva up too.
We took her into her room already, just to introduce the colours and the new space and I think she likes it, having good old look arounds every time.

Saturday, 10 March 2012


The best ever thing is seeing your baby wake up happy like this every day.

Baby yoga was a bit weird yesterday, not sure whether or not Lileeva liked it. It was about doing stretches and balancing exercises, just as rolling her over, dancing with her and having her laying on her back, putting pressure on her feet and doing walking movements. Kind of like getting her ready for things she'll be doing soon. She got a bit cranky by the end, can tell she is daddy's girl, prefers to just lay there and get massaged than to actually do bits haha! (Pffh... Like I'm the active half of the family! Hah, no way!) Will give yoga another try next week but we might just be sticking to the massage if it doesn't go down well.

I have another productive day behind me, went to Argos to pick up the blinds and baby monitor for her room, then to Tesco, then to Lee's parents to chill a bit in company instead of on my own. We got given a bouncy chair, she was crying a little when put her in it but she does it every time something new comes in her way. Eventually she got used to it, so that's that, we have a new toy to keep her entertained vertical too.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Lileeva has been really moany lately. No matter whether or not she slept through the night she's been crying for 4 days, pretty much all afternoon.
Might be cause she haven't done a poo for a couple of days, or she's teething or maybe both.
Put her amber crystal necklace on her the other day, it's supposed to be good especially for teething but had to take it off after a few hours cause it seems to be too long and knowing her wiggling activity I'm scared it'll choke her. Anyway, it's hanging on her cot now with the rest of her calming crystals. Will be buying a lidocaine based teething gel soon see if that helps cause she doesn't seem to be interested in the chewy gel based refrigerated toys. Either way, if it's not her teeth it still will come handy in the close future.

I took her to her first ever baby massage on Wednesday! I dragged Lee with myself since I'm crap meeting with new people but it was pretty much dead anyway... Least I had company! Should've taken photos of her really, while Lee was cracking on the massage. She seemed to like it, even though it tired her out to the max. She even done 3 (!) poos that day so it definitely works haha!
Hitting up the baby yoga today!
I supposed to have Kali and Loki coming over but they cancelled the last minute cause she's alone with both of her kids at the moment. Anyways, I think it's the first session of the yoga class (Held by the woman doing the massage.) so everyone's going to be 'new' not just me. Yay!
I also finished painting Lileeva's room yesterday. It's all done, the furniture to! Only bits to correct (An hour work tops.), do the outlines (Lee's job.) and order the baby monitors and put the blinds up (Matter of money.) then it's ready to move in!
By the looks of it Lileeva will have her very own room by next weekend!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


We got Lileeva's cot delivered on Tuesday. It's unbelievable how much she grew in the past 3 months. We started off with teddies in the Moses basket, then without teddies and by the end she hardly fit in it.
But the cot! She looks well tiny again. Aww!
She's using the space well, fidgeting while asleep. I usually put her down bang on the middle and wake up for her laying across, her head touching the teddies. By the way, since she's moving a lot she started to have a bald patch on the back of her head. Ah well, will grow back out.
We only bought this cot cause the mattress Lee ordered to the other one was too big, but I love it! The mattress can be placed in 3 different heights, highest when she is tiny like now, middle when she gets a bit bigger and crawls but can't yet stand, and the lowest when she's able to stand but unable to walk yet. Since it's massive and the sides can be taken off it can be used as a single bed up  to she's about 5 years old. (Or until she fits in it.) Good buy!

I started to put her down and leave the room for a bit just to get her used to that we won't be next to her all the time (Bit of a training for when we move her in to her own room.) but it doesn't always go down well.
We will have a single sofabed in her room anyway, so whenever we do move her either of us will sleep with her for the first few nights. When she settles I'm planning on having a night time routine, apart from the usual bath-food-good night, I will read for her too. She doesn't drop off straight away after her bottle lately so I think it will be ideal. After all I will be next to her, she will hear my voice, picks up my language a little and hopefully it calms her down/bores her to asleep. Plan!
Her room is coming together quite well, a month tops and it will be ready to move in I reckon.