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Thursday, 1 March 2012


We got Lileeva's cot delivered on Tuesday. It's unbelievable how much she grew in the past 3 months. We started off with teddies in the Moses basket, then without teddies and by the end she hardly fit in it.
But the cot! She looks well tiny again. Aww!
She's using the space well, fidgeting while asleep. I usually put her down bang on the middle and wake up for her laying across, her head touching the teddies. By the way, since she's moving a lot she started to have a bald patch on the back of her head. Ah well, will grow back out.
We only bought this cot cause the mattress Lee ordered to the other one was too big, but I love it! The mattress can be placed in 3 different heights, highest when she is tiny like now, middle when she gets a bit bigger and crawls but can't yet stand, and the lowest when she's able to stand but unable to walk yet. Since it's massive and the sides can be taken off it can be used as a single bed up  to she's about 5 years old. (Or until she fits in it.) Good buy!

I started to put her down and leave the room for a bit just to get her used to that we won't be next to her all the time (Bit of a training for when we move her in to her own room.) but it doesn't always go down well.
We will have a single sofabed in her room anyway, so whenever we do move her either of us will sleep with her for the first few nights. When she settles I'm planning on having a night time routine, apart from the usual bath-food-good night, I will read for her too. She doesn't drop off straight away after her bottle lately so I think it will be ideal. After all I will be next to her, she will hear my voice, picks up my language a little and hopefully it calms her down/bores her to asleep. Plan!
Her room is coming together quite well, a month tops and it will be ready to move in I reckon.

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