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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Met with Nicol last night to pass the little baby girl clothes to her. Bye-bye cute pink grows! She said she can't wait to get where I am now, having to hold her baby, but she still has a couple of months to go. I told her I can't wait to be pregnant again...
We had a long baby chat, it was well good. She was also asking about giving birth itself so I told her the story. I probably shouldn't have, she looked frightened, then admitted she was already scared of it anyway but now! Then I realised how was I at her stage. I wasn't at all scared, in fact positive, looking up online, searching for other bloggers' stories, then again I was well unsure too. It's all about going into something life changing, and no matter what others say you just can't imagine it. Forgot about all these things, since my life has already changed, 4 months ago, and I got perfectly used to it now.
She said she doesn't really understand after I went through (And how painful it sounds.) how can I think about wanting to be pregnant again. Well... She will understand, in a few months.

I'm having a day off today! Lee got up early (We can't sleep with each other. Fact.), waited for Lileeva to wake up, took her for a walk over the park, then to baby massage, then to his grandad. Since his cousins are down, he'll stay out for longer and come back with her some point tonight, before her bed time.
As of me, I went back to bed to have a cheeky nap and woke up at 02pm! Must've needed it. Now to have a bit of  'me time' and a mini spa day. Ah yeah!

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