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Monday, 26 March 2012


200 posts and I'm blogging for over a year now, keeping it up to date. Chuffed with myself.
On Thursday me and Lee took Lileeva out to Highbury Fields just to chill on the grass and meet with Kali, Loki and Isla. Isla, Kali's 4 year old daughter called Lee weird; Cracked me up much! You just have to love kids honesty.
On Friday morning we went to Boots to try and get rid off all my vouchers. Arrived home with 3 heavy bags of mainly baby stuff and £85 lighter. (That's with the £10-15 discount already.) Then, since the weather was very nice and had a few more hours til Lee's mum were picking Lileeva up, we went over London Fields with her.
I like taking her out, bit of a sun and fresh air doesn't harm no one, in fact tires both of us out and makes us sleep better.

Then nanny took her and we had a free weekend. We went out on Friday, which was really nice since haven't been out the bunch of us for literally over a year! I came home earlier though, didn't want to get wrecked and hanging the next day, even though we didn't have Lileeva until Saturday evening.
Instead, I fumigated the flat (Fucking silverfishes!) and finished off her room. We moved her in that night, but I slept on the couch, just to have my mind in peace.
I eventually let her sleep alone for the first time yesterday. Reckon she enjoyed it, we had to wake her the morning with a bottle.
As of today, I went to get her ear pierced at last. Well happy about being able to choose a simply silver coated stud over the bling bling gold and colourful crystal ones. It was a reasonable (Haha, more likely bargain!) £10 and by we were leaving the chemist her tears have already dried.

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