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Monday, 28 May 2012


Obviously the night following my previous post Lileeva woke up crying about 3-4 times. Seems like it was a one off thing, now she's just keep waking up earlier than she used to. Hope it won't last long either.
This separation anxiety thing is getting better, by the look of it she understands when I say that I'll be back 'in a minute' and show my trigger finger to her. She is still moody and has huffs and puffs, usually the afternoon, but reckon it has something to do with tiredness and that she has a cold now too.
Lileeva also dribbles a lot again, probably signs for her third toothy pegs breaking through.

We are spending a lot of time over Victoria Park, since the weather is awesome lately! I think she likes to get out, regardless the heath.
I even bought a massive plastic washing bucket thing for her to the balcony, where a paddling pool wouldn't fit. Yet to come the fake grass and her private beach is done.
I picked up some biscuits and finger foods for her, and a wheetabix like muesli too. It's time for her to discover different textures at last.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


No, it's not getting easier with time, although the problems from the first couple of months do disappear, but there are others taking the empty places.
We don't anymore have to worry about wind cause Lileeva burps by herself. Not much of a stomach ache either, of it does happen every now and then we know it's cause of the amount and thickness of solids she's eating so we can work on it.
Speaking of which, we have a new routine again! I might have taken it too far this time, but Lileeva doesn't seem to mind, in fact she didn't even notice. She used to have 3 bottles and 3 pureed meals a day, but I cut down for 2 x 240 ml bottles now, one straight after waking, one before bed. So now she's eating only every 3 hours and I'm not worried of leaving the house for longer cause I can take jarred food with me, no hussle of warming the milk up and so. (No, she doesn't take the milk cold, unless it's a really hot weather.) I'm still making a couple of her meals with formula, so she has the recommended 500-600 ml milk intake daily.
We even started to brush her two lonely teeth on 18th Friday or 19th Saturday, can't remember when exactly.

She had bit of trouble with her bum when we were in Hungary, but it was more likely caused by the combination of heat (And sweating.) and her rabbit poo nuggets. We are now using baby powder on her so the problem is solved.
She also rolled over yesterday from her belly to her back, twice! I haven't seen it and she's not willing to repeat it, but Lee says Lileeva was well surprised with herself.

My main problem nowadays is that she's doing something which looks like she's manipulating us, real bad. I feel just as angry as I felt the first couple of months. Pointless fucking screaming and I do wonder about stuffing a ball made out of newspaper in her mouth. No, she's not that baby you have to have in your arm 24/7, we were watching that matter carefully from the very beginning. She's alright with sitting or laying alone, but don't we dare turn our backs and leave the room for a second cause she starts off! Not moaning, not crying... Forced screaming it is.
Done a research about it and been said that at this age they can't manipulate, it's more likely to be separation anxiety. Basically a phase in life, when she realises that I am not her and she is not me anymore, that she is an individual little person... Who's vulnerable therefor freaks out when I disappear cause she doesn't know whether or not I'll return. Make sense really, it just really is annoying, I can't go to the toilet without having her crying, damn it!
I feel pretty shit now of shouting at her, if this is the case really, not the manipulation.
No, I won't be carrying her on me all the time. Instead I'll try and tell her every time I leave the room, that I'm going to be back, and when I return I'll give her a hug and tell her I love her. Hope it works.
It's proper hard, especially cause the only times she's alone (Apart from night time sleeps which we don't have problems with, knocking on wood.) are during the days Lee's asleep, before his night shifts. Sucks much?!

Saturday, 19 May 2012


On Sunday we went out to see my mates and quite an amount of people got together. Szabolcs and his sister Anita, Flóra and Luca. Everyone was mesmerized by Lileeva whom handled the cooler weather much better than the heat.

 Monday we stayed in due to hangover and tiredness, even though we supposed to meet with Szabolcs's mum whom I haven't seen for years. Shame on us.
Tuesday we headed out in town again, ending up in Arriba with lots of people once more. Makes me utterly happy that so many of them are interested in us, well, mainly in Lileeva. I know of myself it's difficult to hang out with friends whom newly became parents but by the look of it my mates don't find it frustrated but fun instead.

Went out Wednesday too to catch up Alma for the last time, we saw massive gold fishes and tiny duckies in Milleneáris. Not sure if Lileeva was amused though haha. We all got really tired so split early.

Spent Thursday at home with packing then flying back home.
Again, Lileeva was an angel on the flight! We didn't even feed her at all cause she was asleep the whole time. Well proud!
It was nice to have a holiday, but all of us were relieved when arrived home, even Lileeva was all smiley, recognising the flat and sleeping in her own bed.

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Happy 6th month princess! Can't believe Lileeva is half a year already!

Saturday, 12 May 2012


We got to Budapest safe and sound.
The journey was better than any of us expected. Woke Lileeva around 0445 am, got her changed quickly and fed her in the cab on the way to Luton. There we had bit of a trouble though, only cause I left my phone in my back pocket while walking through security, so we beeped in. Therefore both me and Lileeva got full body searched haha! Shame Lee's phone was going through the X-ray at the time, so no photographic proof.
No problems of taking more than 100 ml of liquid with us, I just had to taste them.
Flying was amazing, Lileeva didn't cry, didn't even moan! We fed her while taking off, then she was playing with Pepper Pig and that's about it, even dropped off before landing.

Left the cold, rainy London and arrived to the cloudless, sunny Budapest in roughly 30*C. Boom!
My mum and nan was overwhelmed to say the least.
We weren't planning on going out the same day, but the weather was awesome so we hit up Arriba, the mexican restaurant I used to work at and even my long lost close friend Szabolcs has turned up to see us for half an hour.
I once again got proven how fucked Hungarian's mentality are. While me and Lee used to get dirty looks regarding our tattoos and piercings, when we're with an adorable baby, at least 5 random people chats us up daily on public transport, to congratulate and assure us how gorgeous Lileeva is.
On Thursday we went out too, even though it supposed to be our stay in, nana-nanny-Lileeva bonding day. We hit up Margit Island with my mum, rode the bringóhintó (A Flinstones like 3, 6 or more seater bike thing.) had some food then me and Lee went to the other Arriba to show off the lady to other friends of mine.

Friday we met Alma, who's my oldest friend of 13 years and had a buff BBQ outdoors.
Today we supposed to meet with Lee's old workmate Zoltán, who not long ago moved back to Budapest but he hasn't got in touch with us, so just wandered in the city instead.
The weather just cooled down now, it's quite windy and possibly will be rainy by tomorrow so I really don't know what the plan is.
All in all I'm quite greatful, don't think Lileeva loved this heat much, even though we got her a sunhat and she wasn't wearing vests under her tiny dresses, she still looked hot most of the times. Upside is that she loved taking her milk cold! Eases my life big times, will see if she carries on with it in a cooler weather too.
She was only fussed the first night cause of the new atmosphere after a long ass day, and to be honest, not all of us are comfortable sleeping different places. We let her sleep with us in the bed, but she's fine now in the travel cot, luckily.
Apart from that, I'm happy to say that she copes well, getting more and more used to everything and everyone and we even managed to stay in routine, which was a big worry of mine. Yay!

Monday, 7 May 2012


I really hate establishing new routine. This screaming puts me on the edge, big times.
Lileeva hasn't been drinking her bottles lately (4 x 210 ml), kept leaving half of them, apart from the evening and night time ones. Mind it, she was playing up with those too.
So with Saturday I put her on 3 pureed meals and 3 x 240 ml bottles. Needless to say, she's quite fussed. Doesn't yet realised after a meal there's no bottle in the next hour, but in the next third hour.
Of course I can't entirely blame her, could be my fault too, since I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to feed her with. She is on the chubby side if one can say it, and knowing both her parents, she might be just as greedy as us, wouldn't want to let me know when she's full. Could that actually be possible?
One can only try and hope.
The hardest part of all has already been done (The sleeping apart-sleeping night time-eating regularly madness.) until potty training anyway.

My friend Nicol used to be a nanny and she gave me some information on flying with a baby. She as well as we planned said, it's best to feed Lileeva when taking off, so her ears less likely to pop and hopefully she'd fall straight asleep after. Had a look online and apparently this 100 ml madness doesn't include baby milk and food. Thanks fuck for that! Therefore I only have to find a café with nice staff whom willing to give out free boiling water before boarding. The cabincrew apparently willing to heat up carton milks too so that's landing sorted as well.
We will be popping out for a quick shopping tomorrow, see if we can buy one of those wintery earmuffs for Lileeva, to try and ease her on the incoming information and noise. Don't think she'll appreciate the buzzing engine for hours.
I started to pack as well. You wouldn't imagine how much shit you need for a week holiday with a baby! Triple amount of clothes in case she pukes all over them, nappies, food, sterilizer, bath stuff... Of course this all can be purchased in Hungary too, the joke is that it's fucking balkan yet everything costs more! Ah well...
Can't wait really. Hope the weather remains good and she can wear all her summer dresses. So far England didn't prove much of an improvement spring-weather wise.

Thursday, 3 May 2012


I really don't know what's been happening the past couple of weeks.
Everything seems so important at the time, but when I get here, they all seem to be forgotten.
The major thing is that Lileeva is sitting pretty much by herself now. She still wobbles a bit, and throws herself back or front (Heavy head, she has.) but she is kind of stable now.
I put her on follow on milk a week ago, she's doing good. Doesn't poo 4 times a day anymore hah! She didn't like the 6 months+ bottle teats though, I reckon it has something to do with the quick flow, it always drips in her mouth, even without sucking and it must've annoyed her.
She's also well interested in finger food now, last week she stole Alfie's biscuit! (Then chocked on it, of course, making me close to having a heart attack.)

 Since Lileeva is getting bigger (Almost 6 months!) we went out with Lee and bought her some nice grows and clothes. Believe it or not, this is the first time we had to buy essential stuffs, thanks to our friends and Louise. Surprisingly we ended up with quite a bit of pink gear in our bags. Ah well, what can one do, that seems to be her favourite colour so far, always chooses to cuddle the pink teddies and so.
We started to use the nappy cake nappies on her, which are Wilkinson's own brand (Meaning: Cheap nappies.) but she doesn't look too fussed. Only using it for sleeping and when we take her out though. My only problem is that it ain't stretchy but hey, as long as she's happy in them, and has no nappy rash... Still, Lee doesn't want to chance it, so we will keep buying Pampers, after all we don't use much and we don't mind paying for quality.
By the way Laura said, as she heard, if your water breaks in Mothercare or Asda, you are getting free nappies for life! Damn, should've been hanging out there more...
We are off for a holiday next Wednesday, started to look forward to it. Apart from the flying. That one screaming baby on the flight, that always one screaming baby on the flight! I'm dreading it.
The main issue (Besides feeding from a bottle.) when we are out, is the sleeping situation. She's only able to fall asleep when laying flat, alone, preferably covered with a blanket. (I'm well happy about this independence though, on a long run.) Now, it's alright, when we are in Wetherspoon, on a couch, after a 20 minutes over-tired screaming session she gets used to the noise and can fall asleep. But clearly won't be alright on a flight where she has to be sitting up for almost 3 hours. Sigh.

We keep getting chatted up on the street, by the way. Random people pay compliments, how gorgeous she is, and oh her eyes! She is lucky to have the good bit of genes of ours, I suppose.