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Monday, 7 May 2012


I really hate establishing new routine. This screaming puts me on the edge, big times.
Lileeva hasn't been drinking her bottles lately (4 x 210 ml), kept leaving half of them, apart from the evening and night time ones. Mind it, she was playing up with those too.
So with Saturday I put her on 3 pureed meals and 3 x 240 ml bottles. Needless to say, she's quite fussed. Doesn't yet realised after a meal there's no bottle in the next hour, but in the next third hour.
Of course I can't entirely blame her, could be my fault too, since I'm not sure how much I'm supposed to feed her with. She is on the chubby side if one can say it, and knowing both her parents, she might be just as greedy as us, wouldn't want to let me know when she's full. Could that actually be possible?
One can only try and hope.
The hardest part of all has already been done (The sleeping apart-sleeping night time-eating regularly madness.) until potty training anyway.

My friend Nicol used to be a nanny and she gave me some information on flying with a baby. She as well as we planned said, it's best to feed Lileeva when taking off, so her ears less likely to pop and hopefully she'd fall straight asleep after. Had a look online and apparently this 100 ml madness doesn't include baby milk and food. Thanks fuck for that! Therefore I only have to find a café with nice staff whom willing to give out free boiling water before boarding. The cabincrew apparently willing to heat up carton milks too so that's landing sorted as well.
We will be popping out for a quick shopping tomorrow, see if we can buy one of those wintery earmuffs for Lileeva, to try and ease her on the incoming information and noise. Don't think she'll appreciate the buzzing engine for hours.
I started to pack as well. You wouldn't imagine how much shit you need for a week holiday with a baby! Triple amount of clothes in case she pukes all over them, nappies, food, sterilizer, bath stuff... Of course this all can be purchased in Hungary too, the joke is that it's fucking balkan yet everything costs more! Ah well...
Can't wait really. Hope the weather remains good and she can wear all her summer dresses. So far England didn't prove much of an improvement spring-weather wise.

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