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Monday, 28 May 2012


Obviously the night following my previous post Lileeva woke up crying about 3-4 times. Seems like it was a one off thing, now she's just keep waking up earlier than she used to. Hope it won't last long either.
This separation anxiety thing is getting better, by the look of it she understands when I say that I'll be back 'in a minute' and show my trigger finger to her. She is still moody and has huffs and puffs, usually the afternoon, but reckon it has something to do with tiredness and that she has a cold now too.
Lileeva also dribbles a lot again, probably signs for her third toothy pegs breaking through.

We are spending a lot of time over Victoria Park, since the weather is awesome lately! I think she likes to get out, regardless the heath.
I even bought a massive plastic washing bucket thing for her to the balcony, where a paddling pool wouldn't fit. Yet to come the fake grass and her private beach is done.
I picked up some biscuits and finger foods for her, and a wheetabix like muesli too. It's time for her to discover different textures at last.

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