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Thursday, 27 December 2012


These teddies make my life both heaven and hell.
I mentioned before that Lileeva loves her elephants. That's fine, but this love lately turned into hardcore obsession. I think mainly Tenerife we can blame this on. Anyways, she just wouldn't sleep without them. She's alright in the pram or carrier when we are out, or even in the car, but no matter how overtired she is, just wouldn't give in when the teddies (Or at least one of them.) are not around.
For this exact reason we took them to Louise's on Christmas Day, and of course, we left them there by accident. Nightmare!
This resulted Lileeva, and therefore me too, hardly sleeping the past couple of days. Endless screaming it was for us and failed attempts on shooting her with other teddies. Surprisingly enough, rocking her asleep on my chest did work... It never used to. Upside is that I finally have received some decent snuggles with her, been a while! That is until I tried to lay her down, then I had to use the Buddha belly strokes to make her go back asleep. Still, I got used to her festive lay-ins, maybe a little too much, and these 05-06am wake up calls really done me in.
We got them pink bastards back this morning thankfully, but the cheeky chops did still play up when I put her down tonight. Here's hoping it's Lileeva coming to realise that she does indeed love and requires cuddles.
Weird how comfort or control parenting does not matter, you are simply unable to avoid either of their downsides. If I was comfort parenting, I was having to have to rock my child to sleep every single time she was needing a nap. Objectless, but gets harder with time, and I do mean physically hard too. As of control parenting, as much as it makes sense, I didn't really think about she would need an object to comfort her when I'm not around. Suppose it's the dummy for most kids, which she wouldn't take and which I'm absolutely happy about. I hate 3 year odds (Or even older.) with their dummies hanging from their mouths while talking. I personally sucked my thumb for a long time, which is quite a bad habit too and looks just as wrong on a toddler as a dummy stuffed in their faces. Well, Lileeva has her elephants to suck on, and even if I tried to look at things as an outsider, yes, I rather see a little-big child walking about with a teddy in her mouth than a dummy or a red thumb.
It's just a fucking pain, when you leave them behind.
(Note to self: Check Primark, see if they still do them, if so buy an emergency back up.
Edit: Fucking hell! People have the nerve to sell the Primark comforter on eBay for up to £23 (!) plus postage. It's a Primark toy goddamn it. Well baffled. Looking at other type of comforters and their prices makes me suicidal.)

Lileeva is drinking from a 12months+ straw cup now. It has a twisty top luckily, so I threw that filthy Tommy Tippee one away straight after buying this new one. I did however keep the base, which is technically just a thin plastic mug with two handles. Will be useful as soon as we start to train her to drink from cups and glasses. Which will be very soon, if it's up to me.
Also looking at potty and toilet training sets, but it can definitely wait, at least until the weather is a little warmer and she can run around the house bare bummed.
Talking is going well, Lileeva been making yodelling sounds for weeks now! Not even sounds, she just says the word 'yodel' constantly. I think she likes the sound that 'L' makes, or the way her tongue rubs when she makes it.
She also learned to say 'Phew!' after smelling her own or our feet. Now everything she smells is 'Phew!' haha, quite entertaining actually!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Lileeva learnt to climb stairs. Luckily we have none in our flat.
She is also becoming more flexible with her sleeping routine. The past week or so she's been sleeping more throughout the night and less during the day, however, she still naps daytime every now and then, it could just be from teething as it doesn't seem to be a necessity any longer.

Both of our Christmases were good.
I spent the Hungarian one cooking, listening X-mas tunes and sipping mulled wine throughout the day, while my babies were out. The soup didn't turn out too nice, but neither of us are big on liquid foods anyway. But the gammon! It was one sexy gammon if I say so myself! We had dinner at 04pm ish, had to wait around for Lileeva to finish hers (She's still little, that has to be the only acceptable explanation why wasn't she rushing under the tree straight after, unlike both her mummy and daddy.), then off we opened the first lot of our presents at last!
Lileeva was more excited about the wrapping papers, but hey, give her another couple of years and she's going to be the first clearing up her plate!
It was an early night for her, me and Lee stayed up having a few more drinks and pampering our new goods.
Just how I prefer, nice and quiet, in a good spirit.

The English get together was amazing too, but as expected, the exact opposite. 12 of us constantly in the house for dinner, plus the additional family members popping by visiting. We arrived around noon, got nice and merry quite quick, opened the rest of the presents (Resulting Louise's living room looking like a bomb sight of a wrapping paper factory.) and had dinner around 04pm. Oh wasn't it gorgeous!
Due to the excitement Lileeva wouldn't give in on having a nap, obviously. On the other hand I did curl up in my niece's bed for an hour, just so I was to wake up with the worst migraine fit for a long time! I hardly touched the table covered with festive cakes, didn't even drink anything but water from then on. Funnily enough, I haven't had much alcohol, nor food, it was the insane heat and noise in the house that got to me. Forgot how bad can my system handle the temperature being above 25°C constantly.
We got a cab back home past 10pm, but since my headache was pretty much gone by we got it, me and Lee stayed up til 03am, playing with our new toys.
It was a really nice, happy, and surprisingly rich Christmas for all of us.

A brief list of Lileeva's stuffs, if I dare trying to remember of it all:
- lots of Peppa Pig socks
- many thights
- many leggings
- Peppa Pig boots
- jeans
- tops
- tunics
- pyjamas
- vest-coat
- dressing gowns
- red-black skull themed dress
- easy to walk in rubbery foot cover-socks
- Peppa Pig slippers
- funky bottoms for sleeping/indoors
- singing-teaching cow
- singing-teaching puppy
- Mickey Mouse farm house
- Fisher-Price farm house
- Fisher-Price doll house
- massive Peppa Pig plush teddy
- Peppa Pig hide and seek game
- Alice in Wonderland pop-up book
- couple of more teddies

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Lileeva learned to climb today.
I haven't been looking for a split second and bosh, she was on the coffee table, enjoying Szaffi the cartoon from the very first row. I did watch her climb up on the laptop stand later, which is just as low as the coffee table. Her trick is to lay on the table grabbing the other end, and slid up on it like a little seal.

Not sure which one is 'worse', the fact that my mumsiness is striking again big times, or that I'm happy about it, and the outcome of it.
I spent Thursday in the kitchen, making bejgli and töltött káposzta for the following day. The first attempt for both and they did turn out how they supposed to. Result! I also thought I'd get some basic cleaning done, and by I realised what's going on, the entire flat was clean, and I was standing on a chair washing windows! Proper mumsy!
On Friday I held a mini pre-Christmas get together for the boys, with the above stated dinner, followed by a festive buffet, cheesy Christmas music video chart show, some alcoholic beverage, board games and taboo. For Lee's instruction, Buddy turned up with a bottle of honey-cherry pálinka. The atmosphere was amazing, it felt proper Christmasy. A small group of friends (What friends?! Family!), everyone making a fool out of themselves, dancing in our living room. Nothing more I could wish for, the event turned out to be much much more better and festive than I have imagined it would!

Saturday I had the house to myself, so I got more baking done, mainly for our English Christmas do at Louise's on Tuesday. It was another ultimate Christmas vibe day for me. A coffee and a couple of slices of bejgli for breakfast, online Christmas radio and baking baking baking! I'll be taking a battenberg cake, two loaves of bejgli (Traditional poppy seed and walnut.), rum-coconut balls and a winter themed chocolate sponge-cherry jam cake.
Today I baked the bread for tomorrow's dinner and done bits of tidying just so I don't have to worry about these anymore.
So far so good, everything is according to plan.
All I have to worry about tomorrow is my family's classic dinner, which takes forever to be cooked, but is fairly easy to be made. I'm kind of lucky of coming from a different culture, because as Lee keep pointing it out, he never tried half of the foods I'm making, therefore he doesn't exactly know how they meant to taste haha! Still, the pressure is on, but as I said, so far I haven't been failing much. Oh, the proud mummy moments.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 20 December 2012


We've done Winter Wonderland yesterday.
Soon after Lee got home from work I started to pull ourselves together, had breakfast, and left. Got there before opening so we had to wait a little, but it resulted us being able to see the market without bumping into someone all the time, plus, we didn't have to queue to see Santa either!
Lileeva was a bit moany, since she hasn't had her morning nap, but braved Santa nicely! Although she looked like she was going to cry at some point, she just sat next to Father Christmas and stared at him continuously, with no shame whatsoever. She got a little present and we got a few nice, professional photos taken as well, to go in our family album.
On this note; For now I think I'll be going with the English version of things, where Father Christmas brings the presents. Therefor we have less chance of a slip up.
For us Hungarians, St. Nicholas (Mikulás) comes on the 6th of December (On the name day of Miklós aka Nicholas.) which we have to be prepared with polishing our shoes and putting them in the windows. He comes during the night, and if we were good, he leaves some chocolate in our boots, or, if we were bad, we get virgács. As of Christmas, we get the presents from Baby Jesus and/or angels. (Being atheist, definitely angels in my book.)
Maybe I make up a Hunglish version, where Santa comes twice for her, I have to figure this properly. Luckily I've got at least one, but possibly two years to work on the matter.

By we finished with that and had our lunch (Bratwurst. I've been craving wurst forever and W.W. blatantly the place for it!) Lileeva fell asleep, so me and Lee got on the German dark beer and hot cider. Around noon the place got packed, which gave the ultimate Christmas buzz to it. Lee not liking the crowd, I thought we were going to leave pretty much after looking around once but instead we ended up staying until about 04pm! We probably would have even stayed longer if I wasn't expecting a delivery that evening.

We went on the gypsy trick games, trying to win a teddy for Lileeva, but failed miserably. However, I did win her a teddy-snake! I say win, but all I had to do is catch a ball, which was way too easy comparing to shooting cans or throwing hoops over bottles. We bought her a massive, helium Peppa Pig balloon, which was good for hanging on the pram, flapping in our faces for a couple of hours, then right before leaving for home, flying away.
I wasn't really fussed about the prices, they could have been much worse. The food, drinks and market goods were fairly reasonable (£4 mulled wine, £3 chips, £4 wurst in a baguette, £6 pie and mash) but I hated the fact they made their money out of the children. £7 for a helium balloon that they don't even tie properly is a rip off!
I was quite surprised that the village was basically 98% German. Not complaining though. I even found a couple of Hungarian food stools too, where I immediately bought a túró rudi and a lángos. I was tempted to get a kürtőskalács too but decided on a belgian waffle instead.
Basically we had an entire day of family outings, which was amazing and much needed! The whole trip threw even Lee to the Christmasy mood, ha!
Yes, lot of money spent and technically we came home empty handed, but definitely worth it.
I loved it. I love Christmas and above all, I love my family!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Last Wednesday's hectic experience (Post 284.) was definitely good for something: Me focusing on talking to Lileeva in Hungarian more.
In the baby group most parents were talking to their kids on their own language, and my friend's friend, who was over with her daughter that afternoon, done the same. It kind of amazed me how much that 15 months old little girl understood, in fact, even tried to talk to her mum, possibly on their language.
I've been failing on this Hungarian business lately. Since I don't myself practice Hungarian, words come out easier in English. I find it hard to talk to Lileeva -a lot- even though I know she understands and this is the way she learns, her not replying baffles me. It's also hard to talk to her in Hungarian when I'm surrounded by my friends, I kind of think it's rude to use a different language in front of others. However, a surprising amount of my friends have had the opportunity to become bilingual and they all keep saying to me how much they wish their parents made the effort when they were young.
It's definitely time for me to man up!

So I found an amazing torrent site (Which I'm not going to link, in case somehow it would be forced to shut down because of it.) with all the oldschool Hungarian cartoons! I'm not talking about the translated Disney films, no.
It's all about the good stuff! Dr. Bubó, Mézga Család, Frakk, Vizipók Csodapók and many many more. (Written about them previously in Post 50.)
So I'm a mummy on a mission lately. Not saying the teaching would only be about the cartoons, in fact I plan to use them as a 'background noise' that refreshes my Hungarian dictionary and inspires me to use my mother language when I talk to Lileeva.
But also, have to admit, I can't wait for Lileeva to start to watch and show interest in them. I loved them so much, I wasn't to lay down in my cot until I watched my before bed Dr. Bubó! And yes, this is possibly the earliest memory I have. Ding ding.


Silly me, I can't count. 8+4=12. So Lileeva has twelve teeth, not ten!
And as I stated below, she's teething now. Not sure whether there are any more fighting through or just having trouble with the existing ones, but she's in great pain lately. Her first morals are cutting funny, since unlike the incisors, they have a dent in them. Therefor they cut the gum in two places, instead of just one. Lileeva is not happy about it and neither am I! Rubbing Bonjela on her a few times daily is essential, but damn does she bite me all the time! And the girl has some serious jaw power there.

Since I'm seeing Lileeva day by day it's hard to call out every little changes on her. Even if I did, I tend to forget about them because I'm so used to them. For example when I'm doing her hair daily, I keep noticing the growth of her head. She's got long hair now, apart from on the ear-to-ear line, where her skull/brain is stretching. That area is covered with short 'baby hair' for now.
Her hands are quite big and strong, I've only realised it tonight, while she was holding her before bed bottle.
She's getting chubbier again. I'm not too worried about it though, she's everything but fat, and to be honest she needs strength that starts her up on walking. I'm feeding her healthy as well, making sure she has water or tea throughout the day, porridge and/or bread and/or pasta, fruit and/or vegetables, meat and of course milk. I control this as much as I can, but obviously she gets spoilt and fed with junk snacks when the grandparents (Or daddy. Khm khm.) looking after her.
And, of course, she's learning quick. This makes me paranoid sometimes. For example she tries to throw her teddies at the cat, because that's what she sees from us. Basically when the cat meows forever, or scratches the sofa or the chairs, we just grab whatever is near to us and throw at her to shut her up. This is not something I want Lileeva to learn. Too late. Also, I'm trying to watch my water intake, having a bottle with me all the time. Now she wants to drink out of my bottle instead of her sippy cup... I better have a glass with me, so it encourages her to drink out from a glass herself.
These little things that make me realise how much responsibility I have over her.
(Note to self: Definitely even less swearing from now on! More of the nice things, like cuddles, kisses, stroking kitty instead of threats of trying to teach her fly over the balcony.)

Saturday, 15 December 2012


Teething is an ongoing fucker of not just the baby's, but the mum's life too. Fin.

Friday, 14 December 2012


13 months yesterday.
We had an eventful Wednesday. Straight after waking and pulling ourselves together I took Lileeva to the nearby Children's Center to a play group. The 0-2 year drop-in was empty, everyone came for the 0-5 years arty crafty session, so we went to check that out. As I thought, she is way too small for that, and it was way too hectic for us. After about half an hour we hopped back to the kiddie playing session, which was pretty much full by then!
It was definitely more suitable for us, still, was quite manic. I got used to going to small groups, with 5-8 children plus their carers, donate £1 for a cup of tea and have a nice, relaxed chat with the mums, while the babies are playing. While this time, there were at least 15 kids with their parents and was pretty much impossible to communicate due to the noise level. It was free but maybe a bit too organised for me. The two hour session started at 10am and finished at noon. Around 1115am they shouted 'tidy up time' so we actually had to pack away, which is fair enough, considering the size of the area and the amount of mess our children made, but no one really knew where do the toys go. Then apparently from 1130am til noon there were a singing session then snacks. Possibly for donation?! I haven't waited that out though. I hate singing.
Lileeva was a little moody, maybe because the session interfered her morning nap, maybe due to the manic and loudness of it. I think she liked it though, she was interested in both the kids and toys. Either way, I will take her back again. I know nursery is a long way, but the earlier she learns to socialize, the better.
But, to be honest, the intensity of this morning activity drained both of us.

My long time not seen friend came around the afternoon, which was amazing. Turned out her used to be flatmate (Whom I've previously met, but neither of us stayed in touch with for quite a while.) is living in my area and has a Lileeva-age daughter. So, invited her and her kid up too, for a coffee.
Things have turned funny here. Her daughter is on a very different level. I know she just wanted to play with Lileeva, but was very aggressive, and 'in your face' type. Her mum didn't even control or tell her off. Yes, it did piss me off... I don't care how do other people raise their own children, but for fuck's sake, they were in my house, and her child made my daughter cry numerous times, why am I supposed to be responsible of telling her child off?! As harsh as it sounds, they are the perfect examples I'd like to stay away from.
Both me and my friend were in great shock after they left, we even popped a bottle of wine open to ease our nerves. Yes, it was that bad.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The glory of having my period back! As much as I was waiting for it, ain't going to lie, I kind of hoped of being pregnant already haha!
Anyways, this at least explains my horrendous mood swings, and hard time dealing with Lileeva on Sunday. Phew!
Kali planted the idea of ovulation calculation in my head the other day. I suppose it's easy to be obsessed about it if you're planning, so I won't even look into it. I don't want sex to be a 'job' or only a reason of getting pregnant again. It takes quite a bit of my willpower to stop myself, but I should and will just leave things to nature.

Since Lileeva saw Loki walking around, she started to climb up on the baby walker and is strolling around the room, all day long. When we tried to make her do it, she had none of it. This is the second time I noticed, she rather learns from other children than from adults.
This was probably the push I needed to pop into the nearby Children's Center and pick up a time table, which I meant to do for weeks now. Me having socializing issues should not stop me going, really. Especially since she gets bored easily at home, new atmosphere and toys can only do her good, not to mention she might even be able to make friends pre-nursery. Damn, I might even be able to make friends! I do lack of them. Also, these groups will keep me occupied. I figured I do need to keep myself busy, the lack of adventures in my life is one of the reasons for me being more and more screwed. Too much time to think doesn't do me well lately.
Lileeva also drank successfully from a glass by herself today! First time she ever tried it as well! I was contemplating buying a more grown up, leak-free sippy cup for her, but luckily it saves me spending on it. Woohoo!

I had an amazing day today by the way, the exact opposite of Sunday! We went to see Kali and Loki for a few hours the morning then both had a nap after getting in. I received my mum's package of szaloncukor variety (My favourite of jelly, gold wrapped marzipan and green wrapped rum and chocolate flavoured ones.), some teddies (My little mouse! Haven't seen him since I was a kid!) and a cute Santa hat. I put a Christmas film on, decorated the tree with some of the gold and green candies, then written all the festive cards for family and friends.
As cheesy as it sounds, this evening had a truly magical sparkle to it, and I loved every minute of it! No munchies, no Love Actually, but that lovely Christmassyness that I needed desperately.

Sunday, 9 December 2012


Lileeva and I have had such an off day today. We were on a proper different level and just couldn't deal with each other. Might be my hormones or her teething or what not. Thankfully Lee was around and saved me, although he assisted only one of the fits. On days like these I wish we had a soundproof room with a punch bag in the middle. Say no more. I truly hate days like these.
No secret that I'm dealing with quite a few personal issues, which I'm not going to state here, on a public blog. These are issues only with myself though, not with others around me. Still, some of Lileeva's behaviours are the biggest triggers out of every others. But at the same time, I have to admit, she is the only person in the whole wide World, who allows me to forget about them all, even if it's just for a second. Regardless the days like today, she is the one who makes me the happiest in this entire Planet.

On another note, we put up the Christmas tree this afternoon. Quite decent, even if I say so myself. A pre-lit 6 foot fake tree, not my favourite choice, I'd prefer a real one, with pine smell instead of plastic, but definitely less of a hussle. The decoration is lime-gold this year, to match our green-yellow living room. I don't have a decent photo of it just yet.
Kind of thought today is going to be the one, when I'll have my moment of Christmasness, snuggling kitty up on the sofa under a blanket, with a jug of hot chocolate, some biscuits and Love Actually, after putting Lileeva down and while Lee is out on his 'day off' at his mates. I'm way too worked up for it now though, and usually by most of the evenings come, I just can't be bothered with anything, apart from monging at my laptop then crash to bed.
I'm going to have a calming bath, wonder about the meaning of Life, then hibernate until... Tomorrow.
My moment of munchies and loveness is yet to come!

Saturday, 8 December 2012


Today I received the last bit of Christmas present, finally! Only a couple of more to go, but I have to pick them up from my friend on Monday so I'm not too worried about them.
Of course, yesterday the fairy lights went off in the living room, can't even fix them so was going to pick a new set up today, but the shop I went to didn't have any. I took Lileeva's off, cheeky I know, but it was hanging from her lampshade anyway and looked a bit funny.
We are putting the tree up tomorrow, I was going to do it today, but Lee wants to be a part of it, as a family activity, which I'm really grateful of!
I've also done the last bit of Christmas shopping today. It is the last, really, I'm not willing to spend any more money on baking gear this year. Well, not before Christmas anyway. Not sure when will I have the time to bake everything, because Lee is working until the very last minute, and the cakes have to be fresh for the 24th and 25th. Plus I have our dinner to look after.
Getting quite anxious, honestly.  This is the first real family Christmas for us! I can 100% relate to this year's advert from Asda.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


We are officially on round two. I say officially, cause we do speak about it to others now.
We agreed on probably wanting another child at some point in the future and being realistic I found that now is better than later. Took a little while to convince Lee, but being a pushy nightmare I managed to do so haha!
I think the smaller age gap between them would be better, especially when they get a bit older. They can play together, have similar interests, can go out partying together... Hopefully the attention seeking and jealousy fits won't really be issues either. We will see.
In my case, it makes more sense, that's why I pushed Lee into it. Getting pregnant straight after going back to work and having to do everything from the beginning would be foolish in my opinion, kind of 'getting it over with' sounds wiser. Not sure about the stress and my ability of coping, but I will never know until I try.
I got my implant taken out a month ago or so. It's not like we are planning to have another baby with all our will power, more likely we are letting our chances. We also decided, regardless the gender, it will probably be the last one. No secret, we would have preferred a boy first then a girl, only for the theory of the older boy looking after the younger girl when they are teenagers. That's about it really. Since I had Lileeva though, I grew to prefer girls. Optimal would be having a boy for next, one each and all that, but, to be perfectly honest, I might would like to have another girl.
See what the future holds for us.

I put Lileeva in the Manduca carrier after months! The last time I had her in that was during summer and she hated it, screaming throughout the entire trip to Tesco and back. We both are quite comfortable using her little pram, but I wanted a change today. She wasn't fussed, in fact almost fell asleep in it on the way home from Lee's parents. I had her on my front, and damn did it make me feel broody! I miss my bump!
I have bit of a lower abdominal discomfort lately but it can be from so many things, so I don't have my hopes high haha! I might've consumed dairy accidentally, or my day of detox, regular exercise or simply period pains. The latest is the most likely, however I'm not entirely sure. I haven't had my period for two years this February coming, and I totally forgot about my cramps' intensity and stuff. I really don't miss them though, obviously.
I do not want to rush anything, as I said we are not in a mad planning spree, but I am definitely ready for pregnancy number two.


I love my little chops! I've written about children's purity previously and it still melts my heart.
Lileeva keeps feeding us, trying to share her juice with us, giving me 'my' favourite toys of hers and so on. She is simply amazing.
Also, she tidies her toys and puts her dropped pieces of food back into her plate, just to pick them up again and eat them, plus she religiously closes doors, sippy cups and everything  else she is able to. I wonder whether or not I'm taking my 'OCD' house work onto the next level,  but at least she is learning the 'good' stuffs over the 'bad' ones. So far.
She knows exactly when she's doing something she's not supposed to; like playing with the wires. Every time I tell her off, she tries to sell herself as playing with her nearby toy. So cheeky!
We still have off times, we will forever I suppose, but I do try and control my snaps. Especially hearing the neighbour shouting at their kids is a big slap from reality. I don't care if they hear me, because when I shout, I usually have a good reason to. I'd like to believe so, anyway. When, for example after telling Lileeva off five times for chewing on the plugged in phone charger and she keeps on crawling back and doing it, then yes, I do lose it. Or get the amp with her, when she's screaming for no reason. Under no reason I mean for another peace of calendar chocolate or when I put her aside in the kitchen, so she won't be able to reach the hot oven door.
Now I haven't met with the downstairs neighbours and their kids, but s/he is probably not in any sort of routine, even though s/he sounds older than Lileeva. (I'm not a stalker. They are Africans, hence you can hear every single thing that they are up to. Do the maths.) They come home around 10-11pm ish every day, the kid is screaming about midnight, the dad shouts 'Shut up!' and the kid cries even louder. Going to sleep to that daily makes me bear things in mind and I have the aim to raise Lileeva with a calmer manner. I'm not 100% there yet, but I do try.

She is growing up fast. Seeing doing pretty much everything by herself, makes me very happy. I know we still have a long way to go, but she is very independent and incredible alert. You just try hiding anything from her! Simply impossible.
I'm not looking forward to Christmases when she's older haha!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Oh my god, how could I forget?!
It's usually either of us doing Lileeva's bedtime routine, never together. No reason behind it, just that's how we work around things, trying to have a fair share in everything that involves her. Tonight it was my turn: Bathed her, put her in pyjamas, fed her, then put her down in the cot.
That's when Lee walked in, to say good night to her, with me still by the cot too.
The way Lileeva looked at us was so precious! She had so much love in her eyes, even Lee noticed it! I never saw her looking at us like this, it was such a beautiful moment, I hope I can keep it in my mind forever!
We should make a habit of putting her down together, it clearly made her very happy. Not to mention, after being so scared of her disliking me (See my post pregnancy entries from a year ago.) it made me certain that she does love me! Yay!
These little things, that words can't describe, make parenthood simply the best thing in life.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


A great mess of thoughts ahead.
Lileeva is definitely a meat eater. (Phew!) It's not like I'm stuffing her face with meat all the time, but I give her the option, just how I thought I would. (Post 85.)
I made gulyás today and within minutes the beef was vanished from her plate! She does the same with anything that includes frankfurters and bacon, just picking them out, leaving the rest last.
She also goes mad for pasta, but has a strong dislike towards cheese. And, I discovered today that she's a bread lady too. As soon as she saw my lunch of chicken roll, she refused to eat her fruits, but kept pointing to the direction of bread rolls.
Lileeva is going to be a 'talker'. Apparently they either walk or talk first. While Loki is 11 months, very physical and already walking, Lileeva only stands and cruises, if that. She got lazy since discovering the magic of crawling, and wouldn't anymore take steps or even stand for long, while holding our hands. But, on the other hand, she learned a new word: daddy. Now everything is 'daddy' or 'what'. 'Mamama' only when she's angry.
She also kisses now. Very rare, and not so keen on it, but opens her mouth wide, coming for a full french but bites either our lips or nose instead. Naughty.
She takes the whole milk perfectly fine by the way! Kali said I could already have known that she is not lactose intolerant, because formula is made of cow's milk. Hmm, don't know. Milk powder can have different effects than milk I suppose. For example I can't handle cheese or milk, but am perfectly fine after having cream on my soya Starbucks and a chocolate coated marshmallow twizzle. Anyway, she's able to take milk and got to like it quick so we're ditching the formula as soon as we run out... Which will be quite some time, since we only use a little, to mix the milk with.
Oh, 10 teeth all together. Don't know when did they pop out, but they are out and functioning well.
I went to a baby group today, and I got told I've got the perfect child, ha! Girls are meant to be easier than boys, but everyone were curious about my technique of making her sleep 12-14 hours straight, throughout the night. I suppose I'm just lucky that she takes after Lee, laziness wise haha!
I realised again, that she's tiny comparing to other babies. (Healthy, but has a smaller frame, and not as chunky.) I call her my midget, just for fun, but honestly, I'm greatful for it, really. Hopefully, mainly for her sake, it means she grows to be a petit lady.
And yes, I am a very lucky mummy having her. She is perfect to me, I love her so much!

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Official news: I am slowly becoming a mumsy mum.
It's freaking me out how much I love grocery shopping. Online of course. We monthly shop, and I just love comparing food's health factors and prices. I love organising and putting away the massive delivery and I love when the fridge and the cupboards are full.
I'm kind of obsessed with cooking and baking lately too. Wish I had more time and creativity on the cooking front though, so it's mainly baking for me. I'm bare thankful for Lee of subscribing me for a cake decorating magazine, just for fun. He got me hooked, and, to be fair, he comes out of the situation nicely too, with cakes on a regular basis.

I'm getting into the Christmas vibe. Not quite there yet, but very close. I put the lights up already, in the living room and Lileeva's room. The Christmas air-fresheners and scented candles are out too, and I'm planning our seasonal dinner and sweets. I'm more worried about the main course than the cakes really.
I'll be making 'Christmas soup', gammon and sausages. My family traditionally eats them with home baked bread, but I think I'll get Lee to make roast potatoes instead. If it doesn't come out quite as I expect, from next year I'll be making traditional töltött káposzta for our Hungarian Christmas.
As of sweets, there's going to be a lot. My parents are sending out some szaloncukor which will be put on our tree, just like in my childhood. I'll be also making chocolate cookies and will hang them up too as edible decorations. I'll be buying mézes puszedli (spiced honey rolls) in the nearby Russian shop, and I'm determined to make coconut balls, bejgli and maybe habcsók for the tree perhaps. These, and of course Christmas themed cupcakes.
And, hopefully, this year we will make it to Winter Wonderland as well, finally! Last year Lileeva was too young, I was just getting her in the routine (Nightmare!) plus taking out a bottle fed baby is always tricky. This time hopefully she can enjoy the bright lights and smells and we can have a nice, festive family outing.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


I've been going through my bookmarks yesterday and found my friend's, Kali's baby blog. I have mentioned previously, that before her son was born we were pretty much just colleagues, nothing more. However, since there's only a tiny age gap between Lileeva and Loki, we started to hang out more and became friends.
My point here is, that I wasn't at all part of her pregnancy, and reading her experiences last night, made me incredibly broody!
This made me think of Lee's words: 'The next child has to be conceived by God by the look of things. Well, at least we're going to raise Jesus.' I probably shouldn't put such things here, but damn did it make me laugh! Not to mention, he's right. We have very little time for each other due to me trying to live a normal, daytime life with Lileeva whereas he's working nights. We practically see each other for an hour or so daily, and sex is the last thing on our minds.

On another note, I was planning on doing a summary of Lileeva's first year. So many things have happened, from a tiny wrinkly baby who hadn't have an eye sight and hadn't been able to hold her neck up on her own, she went to an amazing little individual, eating by herself, trying to walk and talk, having her own little personality.
There are so many mile stones, yet I'm unable to put them together. Just like my pregnancy. I remember everything, but nothing at the same time. It feels like I just woke up yesterday to give birth, woke up today and she's one. I probably wake up tomorrow, at 60+, pop my dentures in and get ready for the weekend visit of my grandchildren.
Time is a fucking tricky thing.
Instead of the summary, I've tagged/labelled all my previous entries, so they are somehow in order.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I'm happy they had the chance to meet. I'm also happy that g.diddy had the chance to see Lee, whom he loved and cared for as his son, settle down and become a father.
Chances are slim, but I wish Lileeva remembered great granddad Albert.
Rest in peace g.diddy!

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Sometimes I just don't understand why do people have to get involved in things they have no business with.
I had this supposedly close friend, we fell out quite some time ago, things like these happen. I told her until she fixes up and apologises I have no intention to be in touch with her in any form, however, I did message her once, asking whether or not she had anything to say. She hadn't. I did apologise for my behavior previously, and I expect the same. I don't take anyone talking to me like a dog, especially not a 'friend'. She obviously doesn't see that anything is wrong with her attitude, which is fine. At least I know, I did try to fix things.
But then why on earth is she still clinging onto Lee, texting him on Lileeva's birthday instead of me? Why on earth does she feel the urge to be a part of my daughter's life? If she really wants to get involved, why do it slyly instead of admitting of being wrong and sorting things out between us first? There is a history of common admiring (Yes, that way.) between her and Lee from before I knew either of them. Now I know Lee would never hurt me intentionally, however her behavior and the steps she makes lately are questionable.
I mean, it does come across weird, doesn't it? I might be wrong of course, but so far she didn't give me any reason to think any differently of her.
Funnily enough we fell out because she was jealous of me and her then boyfriend, whom she's not together with anymore. (This was way after we had Lileeva, by the way. Yes, ridiculous.)
Don't understand why do people have to be generally sly and nasty.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I'm not the kind of fanatic who's taking photos of her child's face daily and uploads a super fast montage video of it on YouTube. Which, by the way, beyond it's personal meaning to the actual family, is only doing one favour to every viewers: Giving them a massive headache, or, perhaps, and epileptic fit.
However, I do snap a lot, so decided to put together a monthly, photo version of the above. Mainly for myself, cause as I'm seeing Lileeva every day, I tend to forget how much did she actually change within her first year.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Lileeva started her big day with a lay in. That's my girl!
It went nicely, a special day without anything special. Shortly after breakfast we brought the cake and the presents in, but Lileeva, as expected, was more interested in digging her fingers deeply into the cake than opening her prezzies.

Then Kali and Loki arrived, they stayed just long enough for the kiddie pair to make a bomb sight out of our living room. There were cake in every corner of the room, not to mention the icing and jam patches smudged into the rug haha! Later on Lee's mum dropped by with more presents.
Here's a brief list:
- money
- earrings
- jacket-vest
- lots of pyjamas
- boots
- dresses and outfits
- leggings/trousers/tights
- learning tea set
- zhu zhu rockstar
- disney princess bike
Most of the clothes are Peppa Pig printed. Obviously.
One of my closest friends, Szabolcs, who lives in Hungary had made the effort to give us a call, just 10 minutes before he had to go on stage. Knowing him, our friendship's previous ups and downs, his not exactly warm feelings toward children and the history of his reliability, it was truly touching! Definitely made our day special, and made us feel extra loved, considering most of my friends not even bothering to text. Which I'm absolutely not bitter about by the way! My point here is Szabolcs was pretty much the last person I expected to pick the phone up for us, and well, he was actually the only one who did in fact.
We demolished the entire cake the same day. Since Lileeva refused to eat anything else but the cherry jam filled Peppa iced victoria sponge, she gave herself a massive sugar rush, and went to bed quite late. Quiet but happy birthday it was.

As of today, it feels like Lileeva has changed overnight. Not just that she looks all grown, absolutely anti-baby like, but she comes for more cuddles by her own will, cracking up of a funny thought out of nowhere, and, in fact, today she managed to say 'khee-thy' as of kitty and 'see-saw' as of cica which is kitty in Hungarian. She only done 'khee' and 'see' yet, apart from her trademark 'and what?' with her hands in the air.

I'm letting Lileeva eat absolutely by herself. I technically do not have a choice, as every time I want to help her with the cutlery, she throws a hissy fit. For now she tends to just hold the fork in one hand, studying and licking it every so often, while she's scooping the food in her mouth with the other hand. Well, at least she near enough stopped tipping the full bowl upside down just for fun.
Since we are almost out of formula and we lack of money, I thought it's time to try her on whole milk before bed. As I presumed, she didn't like it due to it not being as sweet as the formula. For now the solution is giving her milk with the morning porridge and mixing 1/3 formula with 2/3 milk for the night time bottle, then slowly reducing and at the end dropping the formula when she starts getting used to the more soury taste.
I'm quite hopeful about this method, really.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012


Out of hours GP can kiss my ass.
I do understand that they receive and have to respond for many calls from worried old people who just want to chat to someone about their missplaced dentures and such. I do understand that I can't expect them to know that my case is different and I would never call unless it's last minute and absolutely necessary. But still...
I hit them up last night around 0950pm with my call, because I got really worried for Lileeva. Second day it was for her without any food and not much liquids. Well, she did eat but it came straight out on the other end, then refused to eat or drink more. Can't blame her for it, but it scared the hell out of me, so much that I started to give her small amount of well diluted adult electrolyte replacement. She didn't have much of it, but a tiny amount was enough for me to keep my mind on ease about the dehydration.
So she wasn't eating, wasn't drinking, wasn't anymore sleeping even though she was dead tired, wasn't comfortable laying down or being carried and didn't have the energy to sit. She wanted to be alone, but held at the same time. Basically, couldn't shoot her with anything for hours, she would just wiggle on the floor, crying from pain.
The doctor said they'll call me back. So they did. At 1140pm. By then, after crying for 4 and a half hours, Lileeva has literally passed out sleeping on the living room floor and didn't even mind me carrying her to her bed. I kindly thanked the nurse on my most malicious voice for calling me back, then hung up.
My GP this morning, on the other hand, was really nice. However, she didn't look too concerned about Lileeva's tummy bug, she was more interested in her ongoing cold. Now I am no doctor, but I know it's not just a simple cold. She had that, many times, and got over them quick. Then I get a stomach bug and shortly after she has the same symptoms... Must be coincidence, indeed.
Anyways, she got antibiotics which I'm not so keen on, but have to admit it does help. A lot. She instantly feels better after taking it and has her appetite and thirst back. I still had to change her bum shortly after feeding her, but at least there is chance for something absorbing in her little system at last! I am aware that it mainly the antibodies that do most of the work but she's able to sleep after taking the medication and eating a bit, so at the end her system has time to rest and reset itself.
I hope she gets better over the weekend, otherwise she won't be able to have her jabs on Monday. And that I want to get over with.
All this shit shall be well forgotten before the big number 1!

Edit 12/11/2012 Monday:
By tonight Lileeva is much better! She's back on eating, still little but often, and she drinks a lot of liquids. Her coughs still sound painful and chesty but are getting less regular and she is indeed more active. She is back on mischief missions and smiles a lot more.
Lee took her to the GP this morning, so we are over this injection madness for a while! He says Lileeva wasn't bothered about the one she got in the arm, but did shed a few tears over the thigh ones, but all in all she was a brave girl, as always.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I knew Lileeva has hit rock bottom with this illness yesterday afternoon, but didn't post about it as she looked a bit better within a few hours. Now I know that it was only the effects of CalPol.
We are rolling in to the third week with this, and I'm starting to get worried.
Awful chesty cough, pale face, red around the eyes, temperature and no appetite lately. I even gave her an extra bottle yesterday, but she had none of that either!
Side information, that I consider myself strict when it comes to a good old routine. Even when she was in great pain with teething, I rather have given her meals mashed and puréed than to go 'one step back' with a bottle.
This morning Lee had to deal with one of those top-to-toe presents I mentioned not long ago. (265.) Stomach bug, without doubt. And only I can be blamed for it. I've been spending my past couple of days on the loo and have been dealing with the exact same symptoms of temperature, lack of appetite and no energy or motivation whatsoever. Only the aim to sleep.
I do hope she gets over it quick too. Only boiled potatoes and toast for this lady today! Luckily she likes warm camomile tea with a dash of honey, so at least we can work on that horrible cough this way.
Not in my intention to stuff her with CalPol, I rather have her immune system break a sweat and work on things, but at this point I'm considering upping her dose. I've been giving her 2x 5ml daily, which is half of the amount she's allowed to have at her age. Might up it to 3x today, if she's poorly later.
We also had an appointment with the nurse for Friday, to get her 12 months jabs done, which has been rescheduled for Monday due to a double booking. Probably for the best, don't suppose they do vaccination while the patient is ill. Anyways, if she's not better by then, it really is the time to have someone to look in to things.
I don't want her to be medicated, but I only have so many home remedies and after all, I'm not a doctor.
Meanwhile this morning we had big family cuddles. Both Lee and me liked to curl up next to our mums when we were ill, so we recreated these memories for Lileeva. We layed a big duvet on the living room floor, got the pillows, throws and teddies out and made Lileeva lay between us. She didn't have none of the cuddles though, was moaning and fidgeting so I suggested to Lee just to leave her. After all, I'm not keen on cuddles myself either. She was asleep within a minute or so. Then Kitty joined in too, purring.
It was a perfect family moment. I do wish we had a camera on the ceiling to capture these.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I've got the prettiest little girl, ever!
Randomly caught moments like the one below shows how innocent and gorgeous Lileeva is. My little sleeping beauty. Unless you're a parent, you'll never understand how could one be in love with their children.

With the upcoming big day (Exactly a week! Eeek!) we are leveling up, like she knows.
We are using the big bath now daily over the baby bath.
Lileeva also stood by herself this morning, for the first time! Lee let her go, and there she was for a few seconds, well proud of herself. Then humped on her bum, quite safely. She kept repeating the action so I reckon she'll be walking by the New Year.
She's also playing the miss independent game lately, which can be very hard to deal with, especially while feeding. She wants to use the spoon and fork by herself, can't yet seem to be knowing how to though, but throws a screaming fit when I try to help her. I let her off for now as she's still very ill and doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. If she was hungry, she would eat using her hands anyway.
Honestly, no matter how hard and tiring parenthood can be every now and then, it's worth every single minute. I am so much in love with her!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Round two. Nothing serious, just letting our chances.
Lileeva had her first dentist experience today. She doesn't yet have stereotypes or any previous bad experiences, obviously, so she was a good girl. No screaming or crying, in fact she was very calm, letting the dentist peek in her mouth easier, than she lets us doing it so.
She has another couple of teeth popped out lately, which we didn't yet see, but felt when rubbing Bonjela on her gums, and we of course knew about them due to the obvious signs of teething.
Anyways, the dentist said they're coming through as expected: 4 each at the front on the top and the bottom, then a couple at the back, leaving a gap between the front ones. Now we have the reason of not seeing them yet, we were looking at the wrong place, ha!
She is amazing though, can communicate with us quite well now, pointing at things she wants. She's very cheeky though, for example when she's not hungry and knows I'm watching her, she's trying to fool me with pretending to eat the bit of whatever is in her hand, then oops, like nothing happened she just drops it on the side, giving me the most innocent smile she can.
Lileeva is still ill, for over a week now. I am heating the flat up more since, and she seems to be sleeping better and more lately. Also, we are laying an old duvet on the living room floor as of today for her. Having a wooden floor during the winter, when she's yet only crawling isn't too lucky.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Little bit of a shinfo ahead. Quite literally. It's something you do talk about when you have a baby.
I kind of miss the milky poos. When they are only feeding with milk, don't think it matters whether breast of formula, coming out it smells pretty much the same as it's going in. I don't miss the messiness that comes with it though. All over from belly button, all the way up on the back.
Haven't had milky ones for ages, obviously, since I've been weaning from an early age of 3-4 months.
Then we had a nugget period. Damn do they stink! Rabbit poo. Bless, you could see she was struggling getting them out, her face went all red from squeezing so hard haha!
For quite some time now Lileeva has healthy, adult shits. The proper ones. Blurgh! I suppose it's good though as it means I'm feeding her well.
Three meals a day, one snack, and a bottle before bed.
I noticed lately that every time she eats banana she does a number 2. No matter that she's done one or a few previously the day, as soon as she eats the fruit she goes poop. Wonder why?!
Do wonder if she's going to be lactose intolerant too?! Suppose we will see soon, as we run out of the last bit of 6months+ formula we'll try her on cows milk. Just have to keep an eye on the state of her nappy. She doesn't seem to like cheese and the white sauce bit of the lasagna though. I'm doubting that she's actually my child. How can you not be addicted to cheese?!

My mum was asking me about how does the potty training go. Ehrm... I thought you start to potty train them when they can at least say 'pee pee' and 'poo poo'. She said she started to train me around 7-8 months as soon as I could sit up. It was summer time and as soon as she saw that I needed a wee or poo, she ripped the nappy off of me and put me on the potty. As long as things went to the right place, she kept the nappy off of me, which I think all babies like, therefor I learned what to do quite quick.
I'm going to start her on the mission when the weather is warmer, so by then hopefully she'll be able to say the magic words too. I never anymore know when does she need to go, so I suppose I'll be just letting her run free on the wooden floor and watch and be quick. Won't be easy.
I better start to prepare myself now.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I'm so naive! I only just realised lit up pumpkins outside doors not only nice decorations on a Halloween but a sign for trick-or-treaters. Dah! Suppose you grow to know things like these when you have a child. No matter that I live in a block of flats, I'll still have the habit to put one out on the balcony every year.
I've done my insane baking session on Monday for the occasion, spent 9 hours straight in the kitchen and could easily vomit by the smell of sugar by the end. Anyway, I think I've done alright.

Went to Kali's around 04pm ish, damn does she make an effort! Her living room put my lonely couple of craved pumpkins in shame! Unfortunately it's half term so there weren't many of Isla's friends around, and we had to wait for one of them turn up before we could start to do the trick-or-treat round. By this time Lileeva got pretty tired, so I split before the madness.
Next year hopefully we will be able to take both Lileeva and Loki, and they will be able to enjoy it too.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


My mum being over last week opened my eyes about a few things.
I do not feel closer to her though, in fact, she was such a trigger, I slipped back to my old ways. I have been started drinking alcohol -just past noon- on the days she was over, did smoke again and went back on binging.

I realised why can I not handle her. She's simply too much. Too over the top. In every little things. Basically she overreacts everything, no matter it's a joke, a comment, a fact, a mumble or a smile... Here's an example: I popped in to a shop to buy soya milk for myself, which they didn't have. I told her, and the reaction was 'Oh my god! Seriously? Damn it! How come they didn't have it? Aww... What shall we do now?'... It's a fucking milk mum, we pop in to the next shop and have a look there!
She also wants to be agreed with all the time. If she's not agreed with, she pulls a 'Yeah, whatever, I know you only disagree cause you feel you have to say the opposite that I do' face... No mum, I just don't think that random person's coat look hideous, I think it actually looks alright.
I felt like she was growing over me so much, I suffocated. Not sure whether it was a day long tummy bug or the nerves, but on the day I had to pick her up from the airport, nothing stayed in my stomach whatsoever.
Also, if I am diagnosed with paranoia, I'm not sure what would she be diagnosed with. Especially after having a few drinks. She's making up these things that we are laughing at her, which to be fair is familiar to me, but not on this hyper sensitive level. She literally barked at me saying stop making a fool out of her when I wasn't at all doing anything like that! I usually just stay quiet when I had one too many, or ask my friends whether or not they really are talking about me or am I just missunderstanding it, which normally is the case, yes.
I do regret a few things I did or didn't say to her, but I did mean them. Especially that, in our case distance making us grow closer, does work.

She also had a pep talk about raising children, raising me. She keeps saying I am a good mum. I never know how to take it, from someone who wasn't the best mum. It thrills me but scares me at the same time as I don't want to become her, obviously. Then she went into details, of how hard it was for her, being a single mum, living with my nan, trying to be a good mum of me (Me, who always wanted freedom.) but staying a good daughter of my nan's (Nana, who's supposedly conservative on a way.). I do understand now, that it must've been the shits. I would go physically insane in a situation like that, however, I would choose my daughter over my mum, if I had to. Although I might just be thinking this way, cause me and mum were never close. If we were, and Lileeva would hit puberty hard and early like I did, I might would just take my mum's side... But no point of thinking and worrying about that though, ha!
She told me I was a little freedom seeker from an early age, and she admires and a little jealous of how easy going I am. This was possibly the biggest compliment I could have ever gotten from her. This assures me that I'm never going to be exactly like her. Yes, I am the strict(er) parent, and yes, I can be quite stiff. But I'm more free spirited than my mum and it should show on Lileeva too, if it already shows on my parenting. Yay!
I kind of see now why do kids bond to their grandparents more. Parents are strict, grandparents are there to spoil. No wonder why, grandparents only get the good bits of the kids. They don't again and anymore have to deal with screaming fits, resistance and the rest. Those days are long over for them, the lucky gits haha!
It was a doable visit, can't complain. She emailed me, saying that she had fun despite our catfights, so all is good.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Lileeva has really bad chesty-snotty coughs, keep hearing her during the night. Bless the little chops.
It's her birthday soon, and since she's not yet aware of what it is yet, we decided to give her mainly clothes as presents. She's due new, bigger ones anyway, winter is coming too, so I've done my bit of shopping on Monday.
Already given her the jacket, the jeans and the kitty dress. The rest is for her birthday and Christmas; Peppa boots, Peppa jeans, Peppa hooded dress and Peppa top.

It's all about Peppa Pig, there are a few more nice bits I'd like to get her, then again, not sure I want to overdose her with it. After all, until they start to talk, you can't be sure enough whether they do like a character with passion or just like to stare at them as their daily cartoon routine.
Speaking of which: I'm 100% sure she loves Harry Potter though. Every time I put the films on, she's glued to the telly, mesmerised by the magic. That's my girl!

Saturday, 20 October 2012


It's a good feeling keep being reassured that I raise my child alright.
During pregnancy I've signed up for babycenter's weekly newsletter, which never fails me! Weekly updates on what has been going on in my body, plus updates on the baby's development is a win-win for new mums.
A couple of weeks ago it talked about average hours of sleeps regarding the child's age, and I have to say, Lileeva is spot on with that. Now it mentions we shall rather show her how to pet the cat, instead of shouting a straight off 'No!' when she grabs or pokes poor kitty. And that's exactly what I've been doing! After all, it's only in her nature to do and practice what she can so far, on everything; Which is poking, grabbing and putting in to her mouth. She's also looking at me waiting for my reaction after she falls/humps on her bum a bit harder than usual. I normally just say 'Ooops. And we all fall down!' which makes her smile and forget all about it - unless she falls really hard, obviously. Therefor she easily learns what are and aren't the big deals.
However, she does know the meaning of 'No!' for a while now... And clearly refuses to listen to it.
Lileeva is also telling us off lately. She raises her voice and shouts at us when she doesn't like something. Cheeky chops! Even though it's very cute, we are working on it not to become a bad habit of hers.
Anyways, here is her super comfy-looking, personalised cot. It goes with her magicy-mushroomy room so well! The quilt is made by Lee's mum and the bumper reads 'Lileeva'. I also chucked a matching IKEA pillow in there, since I figured it might help her through these snotty nights. She is almost one (That's the recommended age to avoid pillows until.), can roll over, sit and stand up easily, so don't suppose it would do any harm.

Friday, 19 October 2012


Lileeva didn't let me sleep for no one the night before, I was beyond exhausted yesterday! I literally had a couple of hours, then all I heard on the monitor was her talking/moaning to herself for 15 minutes, then dropping off for 45 minutes. Then again. Gave her cuddles. But again. Up until about 07am when I eventually got her.
She looked super tired throughout the entire day too, but wouldn't nod off, the poor thing.
Both me and her are coming down with something. A nasty cold, in my opinion. That must be it, the tremendous amount of snot probably doesn't let her sleep, but I really can't do anything about it, apart from giving her CalPol, rub Sniffle-Snuffle on her tiny chest and wipe her Rudolf-red nose constantly. She looks miserable with her baggy, puffy, red eyes, but still manages to smile and is up to mischief all the time. Kudos for that.
We had a less troubled sleep last night and Lileeva felt better today, even had a couple of naps, thankfully! I gave her some from my very much diluted Vitamin C drink, so that might've helped too. Then I read the label, saying it's not suitable for children under 12, however, don't suppose it does any harm in such a tiny dose.

She is my little shadow, since she learned to crawl. I'm unable to use my phone or laptop without her climbing all over me, pressing the buttons and keyboard. She also has screaming fits when the baby gate is locked and she sees me opposite, in the kitchen. I gave up and started to let her out to explore. So much of baby proofing, I know, but must me boring spending your entire day(s) in one room constantly. I'm playing it safe though; Toilet door shut - no diving into the cat litter. Bleach and sponge are high up on the shelf in the bathroom - no A&E trip for this family. Cat food and water on kitchen counter - no snacking without my knowledge! I have no fear, since she's usually withing sight... Up in my ass, more likely. Only locking her away, when I'm cooking.
Not sure why, but she's different with Lee. She isn't following or climbing over him for some reason, even though Lee would very much love that!
Can that be, she's slowly becoming a mummy's girl? We'll see...
From today I'm on a different type of medication. I was dreading the change, mainly for mood and temper issues but no trouble, in fact, we had an amazing day. I've mentioned it before, and keeping my word up about Lileeva noticing my change of moods way before I do. I forgot all about the medication, have been playing with her all day, she was good as gold, no screaming fits whatsoever. Then right before putting her down, I realised how much calmer I felt throughout the entire day. Whether it was due to Lileeva not having a screamo, or due to her feeling the positive changes in my vibes and that's why she didn't have a screamo, I'm not sure.
Either way, we had one happy day today. Zen.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


So here are the plans for the upcoming birthdays and Christmas.
I have everything set for when mum is here. I ordered a nice 50th birthday card with a photo on it of her and Lileeva. I have our family photo engraved in a heart shaped keyring as a present, will probably buy a small bottle of Metaxa if there is such, cause that's the only poncy drink she likes. I'm also making a round, cake shaped lasagna, cause she doesn't eat cakes. Will bake coffee-walnut-chocolate cupcakes though, just in case, if she does feel like nibble on something sweet.
She is here for four days and I have things scheduled already. I'm picking her up from the airport on Wednesday evening, will catch the train to ours and have a mini celebration lasagna dinner. I'm planning on decorating the living room with big '50' balloons and all that.
Thursday morning Lee's mum bringing Lileeva back (I have her looking after her cause we are arriving home late night and Lee will be at work.) then probably go to the park and grab something to eat while out. Or just chill at home, cooking away, depending on the weather.
Friday afternoon we will be going to the pub, cause Lee's dad wanted to take us out. We possibly be eating out again, and either staying out late -if that so, Lee's mum will look after Lileeva again- or split earlier. I let my mum decide so there won't be any 1) 'I wish we stayed out, I had so much fun' or 2) 'But I traveled all the way here to be with my granddaughter'.
Saturday I'll have her babysit Lileeva all day. I presume she won't mind, and I finally will have time to mess about in the kitchen for hours, and bake and decorate all the Halloween cookies, cupcakes and cakes.
And finally Sunday, Lee's mum will run all of us to the airport. Therefor mum can say a last goodbye to Lileeva there and then, mum-in-law won't be feeling left out cause Lee will be there too, and last but not least when mum boarded we have a lift back home.
I think it's quite an alright plan, however even though I shared my thoughts with her, and she said O.K., I have a feeling something will come up and there will be moaning and disliking at some point anyway. There always is.
As of Lileeva's first birthday, I didn't want to have a party, for many reasons. Lee did, but changed his mind right after I started to announce it haha!
To be perfectly honest, a party at this age is absolutely pointless. As harsh as it sounds, it's not like she has many friends yet. She has one, which -to be perfectly honest- is lucky enough, since I don't go to baby groups and don't have friends with kids around her age. So, really, it would just be us spending a fortune on buffet and drinks, and us adults, aka the family (Which is quite big on Lee's side.) would demolish it within seconds. It wouldn't be about her. It would be about the family gathering together in our flat, and that's about it.
I did order her a personalised birthday card of course, and damn do I bake her a massive Peppa Pig cake! It's going to be a family birthday with mummy, daddy, her and the presents. It's going to be quiet and nice, just like my first birthday was. I can't remember it, obviously, but seen photos.
Christmas. We will have both Hungarian and English Christmases. My family puts the tree up on the morning of the 24th, together, so that's what we will be doing. We bake bread on the day, which I was planning to do anyway, but I'm hoping I'll have the breadmaker by then, to make my life easier. I'll be cooking my family's traditional Christmas dinner which is this 'sour soup' and smoked ham and sausages. Sounds weird, I know, but can't really describe it. For dessert it's beigli. Obviously. Mmm!
Then after dinner on the 24th, Christmas Eve, we get together under the tree and open our presents! Yay! That's Hungarian Christmas, small and intimate, on a family way.
Then on the 25th we are invited to Louise's, for the big family Christmas with roast dinner, throwing presents at each other and that holiday party feeling. That's the English Christmas.
I'm absolutely ready for this!
I don't want to sound like a right tit, but I think I nailed it with the bilingualism. The earlier we start, the better.