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Saturday, 17 November 2012


Sometimes I just don't understand why do people have to get involved in things they have no business with.
I had this supposedly close friend, we fell out quite some time ago, things like these happen. I told her until she fixes up and apologises I have no intention to be in touch with her in any form, however, I did message her once, asking whether or not she had anything to say. She hadn't. I did apologise for my behavior previously, and I expect the same. I don't take anyone talking to me like a dog, especially not a 'friend'. She obviously doesn't see that anything is wrong with her attitude, which is fine. At least I know, I did try to fix things.
But then why on earth is she still clinging onto Lee, texting him on Lileeva's birthday instead of me? Why on earth does she feel the urge to be a part of my daughter's life? If she really wants to get involved, why do it slyly instead of admitting of being wrong and sorting things out between us first? There is a history of common admiring (Yes, that way.) between her and Lee from before I knew either of them. Now I know Lee would never hurt me intentionally, however her behavior and the steps she makes lately are questionable.
I mean, it does come across weird, doesn't it? I might be wrong of course, but so far she didn't give me any reason to think any differently of her.
Funnily enough we fell out because she was jealous of me and her then boyfriend, whom she's not together with anymore. (This was way after we had Lileeva, by the way. Yes, ridiculous.)
Don't understand why do people have to be generally sly and nasty.

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