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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I've got the prettiest little girl, ever!
Randomly caught moments like the one below shows how innocent and gorgeous Lileeva is. My little sleeping beauty. Unless you're a parent, you'll never understand how could one be in love with their children.

With the upcoming big day (Exactly a week! Eeek!) we are leveling up, like she knows.
We are using the big bath now daily over the baby bath.
Lileeva also stood by herself this morning, for the first time! Lee let her go, and there she was for a few seconds, well proud of herself. Then humped on her bum, quite safely. She kept repeating the action so I reckon she'll be walking by the New Year.
She's also playing the miss independent game lately, which can be very hard to deal with, especially while feeding. She wants to use the spoon and fork by herself, can't yet seem to be knowing how to though, but throws a screaming fit when I try to help her. I let her off for now as she's still very ill and doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. If she was hungry, she would eat using her hands anyway.
Honestly, no matter how hard and tiring parenthood can be every now and then, it's worth every single minute. I am so much in love with her!

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