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Friday, 9 November 2012


Out of hours GP can kiss my ass.
I do understand that they receive and have to respond for many calls from worried old people who just want to chat to someone about their missplaced dentures and such. I do understand that I can't expect them to know that my case is different and I would never call unless it's last minute and absolutely necessary. But still...
I hit them up last night around 0950pm with my call, because I got really worried for Lileeva. Second day it was for her without any food and not much liquids. Well, she did eat but it came straight out on the other end, then refused to eat or drink more. Can't blame her for it, but it scared the hell out of me, so much that I started to give her small amount of well diluted adult electrolyte replacement. She didn't have much of it, but a tiny amount was enough for me to keep my mind on ease about the dehydration.
So she wasn't eating, wasn't drinking, wasn't anymore sleeping even though she was dead tired, wasn't comfortable laying down or being carried and didn't have the energy to sit. She wanted to be alone, but held at the same time. Basically, couldn't shoot her with anything for hours, she would just wiggle on the floor, crying from pain.
The doctor said they'll call me back. So they did. At 1140pm. By then, after crying for 4 and a half hours, Lileeva has literally passed out sleeping on the living room floor and didn't even mind me carrying her to her bed. I kindly thanked the nurse on my most malicious voice for calling me back, then hung up.
My GP this morning, on the other hand, was really nice. However, she didn't look too concerned about Lileeva's tummy bug, she was more interested in her ongoing cold. Now I am no doctor, but I know it's not just a simple cold. She had that, many times, and got over them quick. Then I get a stomach bug and shortly after she has the same symptoms... Must be coincidence, indeed.
Anyways, she got antibiotics which I'm not so keen on, but have to admit it does help. A lot. She instantly feels better after taking it and has her appetite and thirst back. I still had to change her bum shortly after feeding her, but at least there is chance for something absorbing in her little system at last! I am aware that it mainly the antibodies that do most of the work but she's able to sleep after taking the medication and eating a bit, so at the end her system has time to rest and reset itself.
I hope she gets better over the weekend, otherwise she won't be able to have her jabs on Monday. And that I want to get over with.
All this shit shall be well forgotten before the big number 1!

Edit 12/11/2012 Monday:
By tonight Lileeva is much better! She's back on eating, still little but often, and she drinks a lot of liquids. Her coughs still sound painful and chesty but are getting less regular and she is indeed more active. She is back on mischief missions and smiles a lot more.
Lee took her to the GP this morning, so we are over this injection madness for a while! He says Lileeva wasn't bothered about the one she got in the arm, but did shed a few tears over the thigh ones, but all in all she was a brave girl, as always.

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