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Thursday, 22 November 2012


I've been going through my bookmarks yesterday and found my friend's, Kali's baby blog. I have mentioned previously, that before her son was born we were pretty much just colleagues, nothing more. However, since there's only a tiny age gap between Lileeva and Loki, we started to hang out more and became friends.
My point here is, that I wasn't at all part of her pregnancy, and reading her experiences last night, made me incredibly broody!
This made me think of Lee's words: 'The next child has to be conceived by God by the look of things. Well, at least we're going to raise Jesus.' I probably shouldn't put such things here, but damn did it make me laugh! Not to mention, he's right. We have very little time for each other due to me trying to live a normal, daytime life with Lileeva whereas he's working nights. We practically see each other for an hour or so daily, and sex is the last thing on our minds.

On another note, I was planning on doing a summary of Lileeva's first year. So many things have happened, from a tiny wrinkly baby who hadn't have an eye sight and hadn't been able to hold her neck up on her own, she went to an amazing little individual, eating by herself, trying to walk and talk, having her own little personality.
There are so many mile stones, yet I'm unable to put them together. Just like my pregnancy. I remember everything, but nothing at the same time. It feels like I just woke up yesterday to give birth, woke up today and she's one. I probably wake up tomorrow, at 60+, pop my dentures in and get ready for the weekend visit of my grandchildren.
Time is a fucking tricky thing.
Instead of the summary, I've tagged/labelled all my previous entries, so they are somehow in order.

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