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Thursday, 1 November 2012


Little bit of a shinfo ahead. Quite literally. It's something you do talk about when you have a baby.
I kind of miss the milky poos. When they are only feeding with milk, don't think it matters whether breast of formula, coming out it smells pretty much the same as it's going in. I don't miss the messiness that comes with it though. All over from belly button, all the way up on the back.
Haven't had milky ones for ages, obviously, since I've been weaning from an early age of 3-4 months.
Then we had a nugget period. Damn do they stink! Rabbit poo. Bless, you could see she was struggling getting them out, her face went all red from squeezing so hard haha!
For quite some time now Lileeva has healthy, adult shits. The proper ones. Blurgh! I suppose it's good though as it means I'm feeding her well.
Three meals a day, one snack, and a bottle before bed.
I noticed lately that every time she eats banana she does a number 2. No matter that she's done one or a few previously the day, as soon as she eats the fruit she goes poop. Wonder why?!
Do wonder if she's going to be lactose intolerant too?! Suppose we will see soon, as we run out of the last bit of 6months+ formula we'll try her on cows milk. Just have to keep an eye on the state of her nappy. She doesn't seem to like cheese and the white sauce bit of the lasagna though. I'm doubting that she's actually my child. How can you not be addicted to cheese?!

My mum was asking me about how does the potty training go. Ehrm... I thought you start to potty train them when they can at least say 'pee pee' and 'poo poo'. She said she started to train me around 7-8 months as soon as I could sit up. It was summer time and as soon as she saw that I needed a wee or poo, she ripped the nappy off of me and put me on the potty. As long as things went to the right place, she kept the nappy off of me, which I think all babies like, therefor I learned what to do quite quick.
I'm going to start her on the mission when the weather is warmer, so by then hopefully she'll be able to say the magic words too. I never anymore know when does she need to go, so I suppose I'll be just letting her run free on the wooden floor and watch and be quick. Won't be easy.
I better start to prepare myself now.

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