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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Oh my god, how could I forget?!
It's usually either of us doing Lileeva's bedtime routine, never together. No reason behind it, just that's how we work around things, trying to have a fair share in everything that involves her. Tonight it was my turn: Bathed her, put her in pyjamas, fed her, then put her down in the cot.
That's when Lee walked in, to say good night to her, with me still by the cot too.
The way Lileeva looked at us was so precious! She had so much love in her eyes, even Lee noticed it! I never saw her looking at us like this, it was such a beautiful moment, I hope I can keep it in my mind forever!
We should make a habit of putting her down together, it clearly made her very happy. Not to mention, after being so scared of her disliking me (See my post pregnancy entries from a year ago.) it made me certain that she does love me! Yay!
These little things, that words can't describe, make parenthood simply the best thing in life.

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