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Thursday, 6 December 2012


I love my little chops! I've written about children's purity previously and it still melts my heart.
Lileeva keeps feeding us, trying to share her juice with us, giving me 'my' favourite toys of hers and so on. She is simply amazing.
Also, she tidies her toys and puts her dropped pieces of food back into her plate, just to pick them up again and eat them, plus she religiously closes doors, sippy cups and everything  else she is able to. I wonder whether or not I'm taking my 'OCD' house work onto the next level,  but at least she is learning the 'good' stuffs over the 'bad' ones. So far.
She knows exactly when she's doing something she's not supposed to; like playing with the wires. Every time I tell her off, she tries to sell herself as playing with her nearby toy. So cheeky!
We still have off times, we will forever I suppose, but I do try and control my snaps. Especially hearing the neighbour shouting at their kids is a big slap from reality. I don't care if they hear me, because when I shout, I usually have a good reason to. I'd like to believe so, anyway. When, for example after telling Lileeva off five times for chewing on the plugged in phone charger and she keeps on crawling back and doing it, then yes, I do lose it. Or get the amp with her, when she's screaming for no reason. Under no reason I mean for another peace of calendar chocolate or when I put her aside in the kitchen, so she won't be able to reach the hot oven door.
Now I haven't met with the downstairs neighbours and their kids, but s/he is probably not in any sort of routine, even though s/he sounds older than Lileeva. (I'm not a stalker. They are Africans, hence you can hear every single thing that they are up to. Do the maths.) They come home around 10-11pm ish every day, the kid is screaming about midnight, the dad shouts 'Shut up!' and the kid cries even louder. Going to sleep to that daily makes me bear things in mind and I have the aim to raise Lileeva with a calmer manner. I'm not 100% there yet, but I do try.

She is growing up fast. Seeing doing pretty much everything by herself, makes me very happy. I know we still have a long way to go, but she is very independent and incredible alert. You just try hiding anything from her! Simply impossible.
I'm not looking forward to Christmases when she's older haha!

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