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Wednesday, 26 December 2012


Lileeva learnt to climb stairs. Luckily we have none in our flat.
She is also becoming more flexible with her sleeping routine. The past week or so she's been sleeping more throughout the night and less during the day, however, she still naps daytime every now and then, it could just be from teething as it doesn't seem to be a necessity any longer.

Both of our Christmases were good.
I spent the Hungarian one cooking, listening X-mas tunes and sipping mulled wine throughout the day, while my babies were out. The soup didn't turn out too nice, but neither of us are big on liquid foods anyway. But the gammon! It was one sexy gammon if I say so myself! We had dinner at 04pm ish, had to wait around for Lileeva to finish hers (She's still little, that has to be the only acceptable explanation why wasn't she rushing under the tree straight after, unlike both her mummy and daddy.), then off we opened the first lot of our presents at last!
Lileeva was more excited about the wrapping papers, but hey, give her another couple of years and she's going to be the first clearing up her plate!
It was an early night for her, me and Lee stayed up having a few more drinks and pampering our new goods.
Just how I prefer, nice and quiet, in a good spirit.

The English get together was amazing too, but as expected, the exact opposite. 12 of us constantly in the house for dinner, plus the additional family members popping by visiting. We arrived around noon, got nice and merry quite quick, opened the rest of the presents (Resulting Louise's living room looking like a bomb sight of a wrapping paper factory.) and had dinner around 04pm. Oh wasn't it gorgeous!
Due to the excitement Lileeva wouldn't give in on having a nap, obviously. On the other hand I did curl up in my niece's bed for an hour, just so I was to wake up with the worst migraine fit for a long time! I hardly touched the table covered with festive cakes, didn't even drink anything but water from then on. Funnily enough, I haven't had much alcohol, nor food, it was the insane heat and noise in the house that got to me. Forgot how bad can my system handle the temperature being above 25°C constantly.
We got a cab back home past 10pm, but since my headache was pretty much gone by we got it, me and Lee stayed up til 03am, playing with our new toys.
It was a really nice, happy, and surprisingly rich Christmas for all of us.

A brief list of Lileeva's stuffs, if I dare trying to remember of it all:
- lots of Peppa Pig socks
- many thights
- many leggings
- Peppa Pig boots
- jeans
- tops
- tunics
- pyjamas
- vest-coat
- dressing gowns
- red-black skull themed dress
- easy to walk in rubbery foot cover-socks
- Peppa Pig slippers
- funky bottoms for sleeping/indoors
- singing-teaching cow
- singing-teaching puppy
- Mickey Mouse farm house
- Fisher-Price farm house
- Fisher-Price doll house
- massive Peppa Pig plush teddy
- Peppa Pig hide and seek game
- Alice in Wonderland pop-up book
- couple of more teddies

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