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Thursday, 6 December 2012


We are officially on round two. I say officially, cause we do speak about it to others now.
We agreed on probably wanting another child at some point in the future and being realistic I found that now is better than later. Took a little while to convince Lee, but being a pushy nightmare I managed to do so haha!
I think the smaller age gap between them would be better, especially when they get a bit older. They can play together, have similar interests, can go out partying together... Hopefully the attention seeking and jealousy fits won't really be issues either. We will see.
In my case, it makes more sense, that's why I pushed Lee into it. Getting pregnant straight after going back to work and having to do everything from the beginning would be foolish in my opinion, kind of 'getting it over with' sounds wiser. Not sure about the stress and my ability of coping, but I will never know until I try.
I got my implant taken out a month ago or so. It's not like we are planning to have another baby with all our will power, more likely we are letting our chances. We also decided, regardless the gender, it will probably be the last one. No secret, we would have preferred a boy first then a girl, only for the theory of the older boy looking after the younger girl when they are teenagers. That's about it really. Since I had Lileeva though, I grew to prefer girls. Optimal would be having a boy for next, one each and all that, but, to be perfectly honest, I might would like to have another girl.
See what the future holds for us.

I put Lileeva in the Manduca carrier after months! The last time I had her in that was during summer and she hated it, screaming throughout the entire trip to Tesco and back. We both are quite comfortable using her little pram, but I wanted a change today. She wasn't fussed, in fact almost fell asleep in it on the way home from Lee's parents. I had her on my front, and damn did it make me feel broody! I miss my bump!
I have bit of a lower abdominal discomfort lately but it can be from so many things, so I don't have my hopes high haha! I might've consumed dairy accidentally, or my day of detox, regular exercise or simply period pains. The latest is the most likely, however I'm not entirely sure. I haven't had my period for two years this February coming, and I totally forgot about my cramps' intensity and stuff. I really don't miss them though, obviously.
I do not want to rush anything, as I said we are not in a mad planning spree, but I am definitely ready for pregnancy number two.

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