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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


The glory of having my period back! As much as I was waiting for it, ain't going to lie, I kind of hoped of being pregnant already haha!
Anyways, this at least explains my horrendous mood swings, and hard time dealing with Lileeva on Sunday. Phew!
Kali planted the idea of ovulation calculation in my head the other day. I suppose it's easy to be obsessed about it if you're planning, so I won't even look into it. I don't want sex to be a 'job' or only a reason of getting pregnant again. It takes quite a bit of my willpower to stop myself, but I should and will just leave things to nature.

Since Lileeva saw Loki walking around, she started to climb up on the baby walker and is strolling around the room, all day long. When we tried to make her do it, she had none of it. This is the second time I noticed, she rather learns from other children than from adults.
This was probably the push I needed to pop into the nearby Children's Center and pick up a time table, which I meant to do for weeks now. Me having socializing issues should not stop me going, really. Especially since she gets bored easily at home, new atmosphere and toys can only do her good, not to mention she might even be able to make friends pre-nursery. Damn, I might even be able to make friends! I do lack of them. Also, these groups will keep me occupied. I figured I do need to keep myself busy, the lack of adventures in my life is one of the reasons for me being more and more screwed. Too much time to think doesn't do me well lately.
Lileeva also drank successfully from a glass by herself today! First time she ever tried it as well! I was contemplating buying a more grown up, leak-free sippy cup for her, but luckily it saves me spending on it. Woohoo!

I had an amazing day today by the way, the exact opposite of Sunday! We went to see Kali and Loki for a few hours the morning then both had a nap after getting in. I received my mum's package of szaloncukor variety (My favourite of jelly, gold wrapped marzipan and green wrapped rum and chocolate flavoured ones.), some teddies (My little mouse! Haven't seen him since I was a kid!) and a cute Santa hat. I put a Christmas film on, decorated the tree with some of the gold and green candies, then written all the festive cards for family and friends.
As cheesy as it sounds, this evening had a truly magical sparkle to it, and I loved every minute of it! No munchies, no Love Actually, but that lovely Christmassyness that I needed desperately.

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