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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Silly me, I can't count. 8+4=12. So Lileeva has twelve teeth, not ten!
And as I stated below, she's teething now. Not sure whether there are any more fighting through or just having trouble with the existing ones, but she's in great pain lately. Her first morals are cutting funny, since unlike the incisors, they have a dent in them. Therefor they cut the gum in two places, instead of just one. Lileeva is not happy about it and neither am I! Rubbing Bonjela on her a few times daily is essential, but damn does she bite me all the time! And the girl has some serious jaw power there.

Since I'm seeing Lileeva day by day it's hard to call out every little changes on her. Even if I did, I tend to forget about them because I'm so used to them. For example when I'm doing her hair daily, I keep noticing the growth of her head. She's got long hair now, apart from on the ear-to-ear line, where her skull/brain is stretching. That area is covered with short 'baby hair' for now.
Her hands are quite big and strong, I've only realised it tonight, while she was holding her before bed bottle.
She's getting chubbier again. I'm not too worried about it though, she's everything but fat, and to be honest she needs strength that starts her up on walking. I'm feeding her healthy as well, making sure she has water or tea throughout the day, porridge and/or bread and/or pasta, fruit and/or vegetables, meat and of course milk. I control this as much as I can, but obviously she gets spoilt and fed with junk snacks when the grandparents (Or daddy. Khm khm.) looking after her.
And, of course, she's learning quick. This makes me paranoid sometimes. For example she tries to throw her teddies at the cat, because that's what she sees from us. Basically when the cat meows forever, or scratches the sofa or the chairs, we just grab whatever is near to us and throw at her to shut her up. This is not something I want Lileeva to learn. Too late. Also, I'm trying to watch my water intake, having a bottle with me all the time. Now she wants to drink out of my bottle instead of her sippy cup... I better have a glass with me, so it encourages her to drink out from a glass herself.
These little things that make me realise how much responsibility I have over her.
(Note to self: Definitely even less swearing from now on! More of the nice things, like cuddles, kisses, stroking kitty instead of threats of trying to teach her fly over the balcony.)

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