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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Just a quick note saying we got a flat! I had a viewing last Tuesday, signed the papers and got the keys the same day. It's been hectic since, the place was in a squat like state, apart from that we didn't have to bother ripping the carpet off and that it's double glazed and the kitchen fitted in newly.
We painted every inch of it which took longer than I thought it would. Anyways it's done now, the floor is put down today and I'm having my first night of many over there today with Lileeva. We literally had to buy everything (Big bits like sofa, washing machine, fridge, and little bits like kettle, towels, blinds and many many more.) and the delivery is coming tomorrow any time from 07am.
Most importantly it's quiet and has gas central heating which can be set on a timer so long, peaceful and warms sleeps on the way.

(This is the place we first bid for as 'Urgent' band and we came out 4th. The people in front of us must have gotten other places, so it's all ours now! Well happy!)

Friday, 20 January 2012


My pregnant friend has found out the other day that she's having a girl!
I already packed a bag for her with newborn stuffs which are small for Lileeva. We were going to keep them, but most of them were presents from other people and we won't anyway be needing them in the close future, so we aren't at the end playing tight haha! Only packed the pink ones though as we figured it's good to have some on stock (You never know, right?!) and kept the unisex, white and colorful grows.

I miss being pregnant so much!
If I knew we would be fine -mostly money wise- I would want to have another one already. The age difference wouldn't be big and if the next one would be a boy we would be 'done'. Anyways, Lee said he doesn't want to have another baby just now, maybe in 4-5 years time, when Lileeva will be more independent and can take care of herself on a way. Makes sense really, but aww! He also said we probably will be constantly having girls in the future cause 'God' wants him to be surrounded by women haha!
Watching a program of a family having 15 kids didn't help either. Meh! I was even thinking of girl names (Scarlett is quite nice in my opinion...), even though we kind of hope Lileeva will one day have a little brother.
Ah fuck it. One day...


I could capture a cheeky smile too! Yay!

Unfortunately Lileeva is still ill. Lee said it has probably something to do with the BCG, apparently it makes babies ill, I absolutely forgot that the doctor mentioned this. Anyways, we had her first immunisations done on Wednesday and the nurse said it's better not to give medication for her cold unless it's really necessary, cause this way her immune system is getting stronger, fighting by itself.
Getting them couple of injections the other day didn't go down too well. Two massive needles, one in each thigh, and have to admit looked very painful. Half of the needles have disappeared in her little legs, through the muscles, I think they went right close to the bones. Not nice. She was a brave girl though, obviously cried (Wouldn't you, really?!) but fell asleep after. Her thighs are still swollen up a bit, but by the look of it she already forgot about the needles. Have to repeat it in 4, then 8 weeks time. Boo.
Apparently in the UK there is an option, and if I didn't want her to have these injections I don't have to take her, but we are talking about London... So many dodgy immigrants (Why hello there!), bringing in diseases, no thanks.
This not eating thing worries me a little, she's roughly having 600ml daily instead of 900ml. I know she's little (Neither me or Lee are tall or super chunky.) but if it won't be changing until our next appointment with the GP, I will mention it and ask for advice. Hopefully it's only cause of the illness though.
I became a bit more confident in parenting but since she's got the cold and being a little moody I hear her crying all the time. I know she is asleep, I can see her through the window when I'm out for a fag, but my mind is playing games with me. It'll surely go away again as soon as she gets better. I hope.

We came out first of the bidding last week again! The council said I can keep bidding but to be put on the shortlist and to be contacted (By letter... Hello, what century is this?!) can take up to 3 weeks. Anyways, I just called them, it has apparently been sorted in the system yesterday and the letter is on the way with all the information. If still no news til the end of next week I'm going to have to bug them...
Weird though, last night I had a dream about getting a flat. Hmm...

Saturday, 14 January 2012


I know it's still early, but we were talking about when to start to feed Lileeva solids.
My midwife said it can wait until the 5th-6th month, Lee's mum said we can introduce them around 3 months...
So I had a look up (Google still is my best friend in parenting wise.) and the main things are to look out for:
- Baby to at least double her birth weight
- Sitting up pretty much by herself comfortably
- Eyeing adults' foods
Lileeva already does the latest haha!
I reckon we will start with jarred solids, cause whenever she is ready it still won't be the time for fresh fruits, also the moving is ahead us too (Sooner or later.) so that will be easier. I do want to make her purees myself though during the summer and this site seems to be brilliant for recipes and advices.
I can't wait for her to mess around with it, bet we all be covered with baby food during each feed.


Oh, just realised I didn't even post a picture of her smiling, even though she does quite a lot, for a while now. It's pretty hard to capture, but Lee done a good job.
Wonder when will she start to laugh... She makes little noises sometimes when she smiles though, so that's a good start.
She also copies us and looks like she desperately tries to talk to us as well!


Lee made me opening my birthday presents earlier, yesterday.
It's mainly in this blog cause I got presents from Lileeva too! Well...
First of all a cute card, and a nice heart shaped silver necklace with 'Mum' written on it. She has the same, a little heart fits in my heart, says 'Daughter'. We have to wait til she gets older to wear it, but still... Aww. Now to get Lee a ring with 'Dad' on it and we are all sorted.


So it was a lucky Friday the 13th and happy second month to Lileeva yesterday.
Laura came over early afternoon for some cuddles, then I took her out to the park then to Lee's parents.
That's about it really, nothing special going on.
Lileeva isn't any longer in the newborn nappies, they got swapped to small ones, just as the disposable ones, just using the last of size 1's and there they come the size 2's.
She has a cradle cap situation going on lately but we didn't buy any special shampoos cause Lee's mum told us it didn't make any difference on Alfie's head but oil. So that's what we are using and seems to be working.
Feedings are still pain in the bums, she eats less than she supposed to and takes forever to drink her bottle. Usually about an hour but the last, night time one can take up to two hours! Probably the wind builds up throughout the day (I try to burp her every time, not even once during a bottle.) and it causes her belly aches, but comparing how she was before it's still alright. I mean, least she's not on pain all day, just once a day, for a little while, if that.
She's a bit moany nowadays cause I think she's got the cold. Little coughs and sneezes, and even been sick a couple of times after feedings the past days. Still, ain't too worried, she's a strong little pea and will be fine soon.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


We came first for this place in bidding! It's either exactly like the above or has a very similar layout. The flat is on the 5th floor but since all the flats have two floors, technically on the 9th and 10th. I still have to view the place, check the details and signs the contract so can't just yet say it's ours, but I'm hoping for the best. It has a Children's Center underneath and a park next to it, not to mention the corner shop.
Already designed Lileeva's room, looks alright on paper in my opinion (On a weird way, cause ain't that easy to think in 3D and draw in 1D.) hope it'll come out good on the walls too and that she'll love it.
4 walls and ceiling
2 walls
2 walls


Lileeva's still sleeping through the night, and eating every 3 to 4 hours during the day, so all is good.
We couldn't get her injections done today at the Children's Center cause it was way too busy and noisy and what we can't stand is the waiting. In annoying atmosphere. So instead, I booked it with my GP for next Wednesday.
I had enough of her just laying there staring at the throw's pattern on the sofa, so I got her a baby gym. There is a mirror in it and came with jiggly animals. So far she's enjoying it much. No idea why do babies like noisy toys and to stare at themselves in the mirror, but they do, and if this keeps her content I'm more than fine with it. She also loves our colourful fairy lights.

She's a right little stunner, I'm falling in love with her again and again, each day.
Lee combed her hair and cut her finger nails today for the first time! There was a bit of blood going on, cause she was fidgeting a little while Lee was doing her nails but she got over it quickly. Probably cause had a bottle in her mouth haha! Because of all the above I had to double check the carpet for her nails, but I eventually found some so it goes to the 'Lileeva Memory Box'.
We were also going to get her ears pierced, the younger the better cause they just forget about it and also, she can't coordinate her hands yet on purpose, so there is less chance for her bugging them and making them more sore. Anyways, we have to wait 2 weeks from her first immunisations so it's another 3 weeks time.

Saturday, 7 January 2012


I'm probably jinxing it, but here: Lileeva has slept through the past few nights, 11pm-0830am. Well happy!
We got her BCG done on Wednesday, she was a really brave girl, didn't moan much, and when she did it's probably cause the doctor has waken her. Apparently her arm will swell up in a month time if it does, so then it might be giving us grief but so far nothing. Will get another immunisation done next Wednesday.
Noticed yesterday how soft the top of her head is! I know it's normal for babies since their brains and skulls need to grow and it won't harden until the age of 2 and only heals properly around 23 when people stop growing but bloody hell! I'm scared of touching her head now. I could easily push that bit in without making much effort or pressure on it, frightened that I might do by accident.
Even though she slept through the past three nights, all what she done throughout the day is sleep as well, apart from a few hours before/after feedings. Then she just lays on her back, looking around. I started to feel bad of not playing with her and stuff, but every time I picked her up she started to moan which she stopped when I put her down, clearly stating she wanted to be left alone. Same when I tickle her belly or move her arms and legs. I still feel guilty though, but my mum said all I should do is talk to her when she's awake (About pretty much anything, cause she doesn't understand it yet but comforts her when hears my voice.) and show her big colorful teddies cause that's enough for her just yet, development wise. She also said she sounds like the 'perfect child' sleeping the night and the day too, since she was pretty much always screaming the past month and a half, she's making up for it and, anyway that's what they supposed to do at this age. So I'm actually finding time to tidy and sort things out around the flat. Result!
Anyways I kind of like the way how it is now, but as soon as she gets more curious and playful I hope I'll be able to teach and entertain her cause it is hard work and I don't ever want her to feel neglected.

We are doing the bidding for 2 bedroom flats for a few weeks now and planning our lives already, even though we had no luck yet. So we are budgeting and had a chat about Sky, we can have a broadband, land line and T.V. license for £45 or just the broadband and land line (It's a must have unfortunately.) for £25 so we might go for that. It would be better, not just money wise, but then neither of us would watch the crappy shows which I tend to do, having the telly on, in the background. Still would have some basic free channels but apart from them we would rely on DVDs and quality cartoons.
Talking about cartoons; I'm downloading all the Disney films from 1937-2008, haven't even seen half of them myself! Will take forever but hey.
Also, I think Lileeva is becoming more like me, not just personality (Hates cuddles and kisses from the pops.) but look wise too. Well, looking less like Lee so I assume looking more like me then?!

Gutted by the way of having my phone stolen on New Years Eve. My upgrade is due and had not many photos on it which aren't on my laptop, it's just I'm using Lee's old phone and can't upload them few pictures I took the past week or so. Ah well, will figure out something.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


New year, new challenge.
Lileeva seems to be settling with the 4 hours feedings, but according to the 'average baby needs' with next week, when she's 2 months old she should be drinking 180ml and drop a bottle. That means 5 feeds a day instead of 6. So desperate to sleep longer we decided to take a chance and drop her 02am bottle. By dropping it I mean not to wake her up for it but wait it out and feed her whenever she wakes up hungry.
Fed her at 10pm after her usual night time bath, she drank 180ml (We are giving her 150ml, sometimes she drinks it, sometimes not.), woke up at 0430am, was offering her more in a hope of a longer sleep, but only drank 120ml ish. However, she slept until 10am what I secretly planned and hoped.
That means we can keep up with the 4 hourly feeds during the day, 10am, 02pm, 06pm, bath and dinner at 10pm, waking up whenever she does during the night around 04-05am, then again at 10am. That's 12hours sleep for her with a feed and 2x5hours sleep for me. Ain't going to lie, I'm well chuffed!
She's still a bit windy, but we just have to watch her little signs during eating. Like when she's turning her head away from the bottle but cries when I take it out of her mouth, that means she has an air bubble in her tummy what makes her uncomfortable so it's burp time then she wants to eat more.
We've been to see the GP today, who checked her eyes, heart, bits, balance and what not. She was well happy with Lileeva holding her head up a little when left on the tummy and that she is trying to smile already. She visibly got bigger in the past weeks, she now weights 4.4 kg ~ 9.7 lbs.
By the way today I put her on the tummy, she was fidgeting a little and turned her on the back! Well surprised! Alright alright, she needed some help. She throw her big-heavy head back first, then one arm, then a little help was needed with her leg, but that's it. So proud!
Didn't get any immunistaions done yet, cause no one told me when and where from to get the BCG (Thought the GP was going to do it.) and turns out she supposed to have it done at 6 weeks. Since she is in her 8th week now, when more vaccinations due, we have to keep pushing them further to have the needed space in between. We are going to get her BCG done tomorrow, so her 8weeks injections will be due when she is 10weeks, her 12weeks ones when she is 14weeks and so on. Just checked in her red book, babies need lots of immunisations! Bless.

As of me, I had a smear test and a chat about contraception. I don't know... The GP said I can't really go on the pill since I have migraine but she recommends either the injection, the coil or the implant. Neither of them is familiar to me.
Now now... The coil isn't hormonal which is an advantage but a tiny T shaped wire put up in the uterus and lasts up to 5-10 years, can be removed and trying for a baby straight away any time. But this could have way too many side effects, like more painful and heavy periods (No thanks, they are bad enough anyway.), can scratch/damage my womb, can fall out during a period, not to mention the ectopic pregnancy. Can't imagine it not hurting when put in, it even hurt when they gave me the sweep and it wasn't happening in the womb but at the neck of it.
The injection is given in every 3 months, hormonal, I wouldn't even mind it but as a side effect many women can't get pregnant for years after stopping it. If I knew now that I want to have a baby next year I would start trying for it now. Cause I want it now, not in 4 years time. Duh!
The hormonal implant in the arm sounds the best though, it apparently doesn't affect women's weight and mood swings like the pill does, lasts for 3 years and can try for a baby straight after removed. Heard some stories of women having non-stop heavy bleeds for up to 6 months after put in, but let's hope it is rare.
Anyways, I still got a couple of more weeks to decide, until the start of my next period. And a pregnancy test before. Just in case.
By the way Lee had a dream not long ago of us having twin boys after Lileeva. Oh dear, double trouble haha!