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Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Lileeva's still sleeping through the night, and eating every 3 to 4 hours during the day, so all is good.
We couldn't get her injections done today at the Children's Center cause it was way too busy and noisy and what we can't stand is the waiting. In annoying atmosphere. So instead, I booked it with my GP for next Wednesday.
I had enough of her just laying there staring at the throw's pattern on the sofa, so I got her a baby gym. There is a mirror in it and came with jiggly animals. So far she's enjoying it much. No idea why do babies like noisy toys and to stare at themselves in the mirror, but they do, and if this keeps her content I'm more than fine with it. She also loves our colourful fairy lights.

She's a right little stunner, I'm falling in love with her again and again, each day.
Lee combed her hair and cut her finger nails today for the first time! There was a bit of blood going on, cause she was fidgeting a little while Lee was doing her nails but she got over it quickly. Probably cause had a bottle in her mouth haha! Because of all the above I had to double check the carpet for her nails, but I eventually found some so it goes to the 'Lileeva Memory Box'.
We were also going to get her ears pierced, the younger the better cause they just forget about it and also, she can't coordinate her hands yet on purpose, so there is less chance for her bugging them and making them more sore. Anyways, we have to wait 2 weeks from her first immunisations so it's another 3 weeks time.

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