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Tuesday, 3 January 2012


New year, new challenge.
Lileeva seems to be settling with the 4 hours feedings, but according to the 'average baby needs' with next week, when she's 2 months old she should be drinking 180ml and drop a bottle. That means 5 feeds a day instead of 6. So desperate to sleep longer we decided to take a chance and drop her 02am bottle. By dropping it I mean not to wake her up for it but wait it out and feed her whenever she wakes up hungry.
Fed her at 10pm after her usual night time bath, she drank 180ml (We are giving her 150ml, sometimes she drinks it, sometimes not.), woke up at 0430am, was offering her more in a hope of a longer sleep, but only drank 120ml ish. However, she slept until 10am what I secretly planned and hoped.
That means we can keep up with the 4 hourly feeds during the day, 10am, 02pm, 06pm, bath and dinner at 10pm, waking up whenever she does during the night around 04-05am, then again at 10am. That's 12hours sleep for her with a feed and 2x5hours sleep for me. Ain't going to lie, I'm well chuffed!
She's still a bit windy, but we just have to watch her little signs during eating. Like when she's turning her head away from the bottle but cries when I take it out of her mouth, that means she has an air bubble in her tummy what makes her uncomfortable so it's burp time then she wants to eat more.
We've been to see the GP today, who checked her eyes, heart, bits, balance and what not. She was well happy with Lileeva holding her head up a little when left on the tummy and that she is trying to smile already. She visibly got bigger in the past weeks, she now weights 4.4 kg ~ 9.7 lbs.
By the way today I put her on the tummy, she was fidgeting a little and turned her on the back! Well surprised! Alright alright, she needed some help. She throw her big-heavy head back first, then one arm, then a little help was needed with her leg, but that's it. So proud!
Didn't get any immunistaions done yet, cause no one told me when and where from to get the BCG (Thought the GP was going to do it.) and turns out she supposed to have it done at 6 weeks. Since she is in her 8th week now, when more vaccinations due, we have to keep pushing them further to have the needed space in between. We are going to get her BCG done tomorrow, so her 8weeks injections will be due when she is 10weeks, her 12weeks ones when she is 14weeks and so on. Just checked in her red book, babies need lots of immunisations! Bless.

As of me, I had a smear test and a chat about contraception. I don't know... The GP said I can't really go on the pill since I have migraine but she recommends either the injection, the coil or the implant. Neither of them is familiar to me.
Now now... The coil isn't hormonal which is an advantage but a tiny T shaped wire put up in the uterus and lasts up to 5-10 years, can be removed and trying for a baby straight away any time. But this could have way too many side effects, like more painful and heavy periods (No thanks, they are bad enough anyway.), can scratch/damage my womb, can fall out during a period, not to mention the ectopic pregnancy. Can't imagine it not hurting when put in, it even hurt when they gave me the sweep and it wasn't happening in the womb but at the neck of it.
The injection is given in every 3 months, hormonal, I wouldn't even mind it but as a side effect many women can't get pregnant for years after stopping it. If I knew now that I want to have a baby next year I would start trying for it now. Cause I want it now, not in 4 years time. Duh!
The hormonal implant in the arm sounds the best though, it apparently doesn't affect women's weight and mood swings like the pill does, lasts for 3 years and can try for a baby straight after removed. Heard some stories of women having non-stop heavy bleeds for up to 6 months after put in, but let's hope it is rare.
Anyways, I still got a couple of more weeks to decide, until the start of my next period. And a pregnancy test before. Just in case.
By the way Lee had a dream not long ago of us having twin boys after Lileeva. Oh dear, double trouble haha!

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