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Saturday, 7 January 2012


I'm probably jinxing it, but here: Lileeva has slept through the past few nights, 11pm-0830am. Well happy!
We got her BCG done on Wednesday, she was a really brave girl, didn't moan much, and when she did it's probably cause the doctor has waken her. Apparently her arm will swell up in a month time if it does, so then it might be giving us grief but so far nothing. Will get another immunisation done next Wednesday.
Noticed yesterday how soft the top of her head is! I know it's normal for babies since their brains and skulls need to grow and it won't harden until the age of 2 and only heals properly around 23 when people stop growing but bloody hell! I'm scared of touching her head now. I could easily push that bit in without making much effort or pressure on it, frightened that I might do by accident.
Even though she slept through the past three nights, all what she done throughout the day is sleep as well, apart from a few hours before/after feedings. Then she just lays on her back, looking around. I started to feel bad of not playing with her and stuff, but every time I picked her up she started to moan which she stopped when I put her down, clearly stating she wanted to be left alone. Same when I tickle her belly or move her arms and legs. I still feel guilty though, but my mum said all I should do is talk to her when she's awake (About pretty much anything, cause she doesn't understand it yet but comforts her when hears my voice.) and show her big colorful teddies cause that's enough for her just yet, development wise. She also said she sounds like the 'perfect child' sleeping the night and the day too, since she was pretty much always screaming the past month and a half, she's making up for it and, anyway that's what they supposed to do at this age. So I'm actually finding time to tidy and sort things out around the flat. Result!
Anyways I kind of like the way how it is now, but as soon as she gets more curious and playful I hope I'll be able to teach and entertain her cause it is hard work and I don't ever want her to feel neglected.

We are doing the bidding for 2 bedroom flats for a few weeks now and planning our lives already, even though we had no luck yet. So we are budgeting and had a chat about Sky, we can have a broadband, land line and T.V. license for £45 or just the broadband and land line (It's a must have unfortunately.) for £25 so we might go for that. It would be better, not just money wise, but then neither of us would watch the crappy shows which I tend to do, having the telly on, in the background. Still would have some basic free channels but apart from them we would rely on DVDs and quality cartoons.
Talking about cartoons; I'm downloading all the Disney films from 1937-2008, haven't even seen half of them myself! Will take forever but hey.
Also, I think Lileeva is becoming more like me, not just personality (Hates cuddles and kisses from the pops.) but look wise too. Well, looking less like Lee so I assume looking more like me then?!

Gutted by the way of having my phone stolen on New Years Eve. My upgrade is due and had not many photos on it which aren't on my laptop, it's just I'm using Lee's old phone and can't upload them few pictures I took the past week or so. Ah well, will figure out something.

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