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Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Just a quick note saying we got a flat! I had a viewing last Tuesday, signed the papers and got the keys the same day. It's been hectic since, the place was in a squat like state, apart from that we didn't have to bother ripping the carpet off and that it's double glazed and the kitchen fitted in newly.
We painted every inch of it which took longer than I thought it would. Anyways it's done now, the floor is put down today and I'm having my first night of many over there today with Lileeva. We literally had to buy everything (Big bits like sofa, washing machine, fridge, and little bits like kettle, towels, blinds and many many more.) and the delivery is coming tomorrow any time from 07am.
Most importantly it's quiet and has gas central heating which can be set on a timer so long, peaceful and warms sleeps on the way.

(This is the place we first bid for as 'Urgent' band and we came out 4th. The people in front of us must have gotten other places, so it's all ours now! Well happy!)

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