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Friday, 17 February 2012


The broadband is up and running now as well, so that's me back, blog whoring.
We have kind of settled in by now, only little bits to do, like putting pictures and shelves up, get a mixer tap for the kitchen sink as well as to the bath. And a shower of course, which we don't yet have.
Lileeva's room is still under construction but I managed to draw it all up, so it's only the painting job to do. I'm going to start it the weekend, when Lee is off and can look after Lileeva and I'll be working with the paints we have left first, then we are going to have another trip to B&Q and get more colours.
Here's my finest before and after photo collection of the flat. Well chuffed!

Living Room

Will post pictures of Lileeva's room, once it's done.
We had troubles already, rule No. # 1 in a council flat whatever can, does break. Had the plumbers out twice in 2 weeks cause there's a blockage somewhere in the pipes, the boiler also had to be recommissioned which means we didn't have hot water or heating for a couple of days. The phone socket in the living room ain't connected and is just hanging off of the wall, so our modem is in the hallway at the moment, leaving us with shit signal in the living room (Xbox and laptop, hello!?) but brilliant in the toilet haha! Also, one of our windows in the bedroom isn't fitted in properly (?) and let's a little bit of breeze in, but it isn't too bad, especially that now the weather's getting better and by next winter Lileeva will be in her own room which is the warmest from all.
I asked the upstairs neighbours in a letter (Fuck knows when are they home. A few Shoreditch looking like girls.) to try and not to slam their gate all the time and stop wearing her heels indoors during the night cause all I hear is her walking up and down. Couldn't really care less whether or not she thinks I'm mad, after all it's not like I'll be moving out any time soon and I want to live in peace finally. She stopped though so it's all good.
Everything is good. Big thanks to both of our family of helping us pulling it together!

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