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Friday, 24 February 2012


So we started Lileeva on solids yesterday. I didn't want to do the weaning (Putting cooked food chunks in front of her, letting her explore it and do the eating by herself.) cause I would've had to wait another couple of months the least and didn't want to torture her any more.
The porridge went down alright, and I made apple puree for dinner but she hated it haha! What a failure! Bet it's the new taste and thickness. Won't be giving up though!

I also took her to check out the Children's Centre on the corner, registered as well, but not quite sure I liked it. Prefer the one by our old flat really, smaller and friendlier. We toured the park by our flat, had her first swing and slide experience and I discovered a pool as well, so I know now where will we be spending our summer noons!

Lee's dad have booked our holidays in September, we all are going away with the kids for 10 days to the Canary Islands. Can't wait really, haven't had a proper holiday for years! Then so Lileeva will have a chance to show off her newly learnt swimming skills as well!

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