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Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The doctor said her gums are fine, didn't even prescribe anything for the spots cause apparently they'll go away by themselves. Not too pleased with the decision, cause if it is thrush, it can spread even on to the tongue! (Which I think already happened, since she has one big one and two or more little ones on the other side. Nothing on the tongue yet though.) Either way, we are going for her third session of injections in a few weeks time, I'll ask the GP to take a look at it again, or if it does spread by then I won't leave until they give something for it.
Lee got Lileeva's passport photo done, he said she was a good girl and was done with the first take! I think it's kind of cute, especially knowing that we all look retarded on passport and ID photos haha!

Lee was also going to take her to a chemist to get her ears pierced but this time they said she has to be at least 4 months and have to have all her jabs first, so we are waiting another couple of weeks with it. He forgot to ask about the earrings though, I'm a bit worried that they will give her the standard screwback which they usually use with the gun and which won't be good for her. One thing that it has to be 14kt gold or surgical steel but I remember when I got mine done when I was 2 I had trouble with the screwback poking and hurting my head behind the ears. Ah well, we have to wait and see, and maybe order a different type of earring online.
(By the way I changed the background and layout again. Should've taken screenshots from the previous ones really, to keep track of them. Started off with one of the standard greens, then a hyper-personalised black-pink-blue Shpongle one, and now this, one of the standard oranges. By the way I'm not too pleased with this new blogger posting layout but reckon I will get used to it. Well, I have to anyways.)

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