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Monday, 27 February 2012


Lileeva has oral thrush! She's been dribbling a lot lately and shoving her little hands in her mouth constantly (Also has a red bum. It comes hand-in-hand with mouth 'problems' apparently.) so Lee's mum said she might be teething already. Well, she doesn't. Had a look and has white spots on her upper gums, above where her teeth should come. (Bottom teeth should grow first anyway.)
It doesn't really bother her, she doesn't seem to be in pain, but Lee is out, taking her to the GP just in case, getting drops prescriptioned for her. It's common for babies, especially bottle fed ones, easier to get infections and stuff.
He is also taking her to get her passport photos done, whoop! I dressed her all girly and stylish (Puma and Vans haha!) after all she has to live with this photo and ID for 5 years.

She is getting better with eating, seems to be getting the hang of swallowing. And yes, her poo became stinky and yuck! That's it for 'nice' smelling milky poos. Boo.
By the way, I can't get my head around this nappy rash question. So far, we didn't have a problem with it, and don't really understand how could anyone do? It's quite straight forward to change the baby often, and put cream on the bum bum every time. We do it before/after each feedings -that's every 3-4 hours- when at home in the reusable ones, and maximum every 5 to 6 hours if we out in the disposable ones.
Been looking up for reusable swimming nappies too, I don't quite get how does that work, doesn't seem too safe for me, but since she'll be more confident with solids and her poo won't be as runny we might give that a go too.
I ordered her first sippy cup, it came just now! I know we won't be using it for at least another 4-5 months but I needed to add my KiddyCare order above a certain amount so the delivery was free and that's what we chose.
Went out yesterday with her, to meet with my long time not seen friends in a pub. Wasn't the best idea, even though it's child friendly and lots of us had our kids there, Lileeva was well moody cause of the noise (Sunday roast madness.) and unfamiliar faces. The way back on the bus a woman came up to me, asking if she was a girl and how gorgeous she was! Well chuffed! After all it's an unknown person, she doesn't have to say anything if she didn't want to... (Not to mention that means Lileeva now has a girly baby face, noticeable to others too!)
Lileeva also started to grab things, mainly her bib, blanket or top, flashing her bits! Naughty naughty!

We decided to start and put her in bed an hour earlier from today. We usually bath and feed her at 10pm but she seems to be dropping off around 09pm lately so that's our new time now. I left her to sleep as long as she wanted this morning, she never woken until 1030am! That's bang on 12 hours sleep for the lazy git! Hope it stays like this from now on!

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