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Friday, 24 February 2012


Since she is over 3 months now, Lileeva is mostly awake during the day and I'm trying to spend as much time with her as possible, that's why I'm not particularly up to date here.
She's grown so much! She's 61 cm ~ 24 inches and 5.74 kg ~ 12.6 lbs.
She is still a brave little pea, we had her second immunisation last Friday, she did scream when got poked with that massive needle but forgot about it straight away when we cuddled her. So far it looks like she won't be getting ill from this session, like she did from the first one. Then we left her for a couple of weeks, gave a chance to her little system to get it rid off by itself, but by the third week she got way too snotty and her coughs were painful to bare so we got her on to CalPol. Worked like magic.
She also sleeps well in the new place, must be the warmth and the darkness of our bedroom. Although she started waking up earlier in the past week, I reckon it has something to do with growing out the Moses basket and as well as getting hungrier.
We got to the point where she doesn't enjoy her bottle too much anymore but is eying our toast and spaghetti every time, making me feel guilty eating in front of her. So that's that, we are introducing solids to her this weekend, starting off with porridge then the tinned ones. Should look up on making purees myself as well. On this note we can say bye to the baby poo and welcome the adult poo soon. Not looking forward to that.
She's really aware of situations now, sitting up with a bit of help, and is trying to talk. Religiously stares at our mouths when we talk to her and she's trying to form words but usually gets upset when it's not happening. I keep making her sure it will happen sooner or later.
I popped her in the sling in a carrier position and her Manduca for the first time last week, just to see how she takes them, and have to admit, in my case that's the end for the pram sessions. Already took her out twice in the Manduca and she loves it! I love it too, unbelievable comfy and makes me feel on charge of things, not like with the pram. No fucking about with it on the curbs, on the buses...
I took Lileeva to Kali's on Tuesday, she's my used to be work mate and just had her second baby, Loki, a month later I had Lileeva. This was the first time I took her out on my own on public transports. I was shit scared, mainly cause I thought she'll start screaming in the middle of the journey, but she was a good girl. Had a good old look around, then fell asleep on the bus.
Kali suggested that I should go for baby massage and coffee mornings to a Children's Centre nearby, after all it's an opportunity to meet with new mums, just what I need really. I love my friends, but it's different now, they don't want to talk about babies all day long and I'm literally unable to talk about anything else, cause I'm a 'sitting home mum' and my life is around Lileeva now. So since I'm quite confident and mobile now, will have a look, see if there's anything close by. It would be good for Lileeva too, making friends early, have familiar faces in nursery and school.

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