Lileeva's birthday

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Tuesday, 19 November 2013


So the day has come. And past by quite quick actually.
Lileeva is 2 years old!
Lee got the day off work (Wednesday the 13th.) and I organised her a little get-together on her actual birthday.
Decorated the living room the night before, baked a massive Peppa Pig cake (Again.) and prepared lots of snacks, both for kids and for adults, as well as put toys out, and popping the secret weapon of bubble maker out at some point. We had a strictly music - no television afternoon with family and friends.

All her little mates could make it, some later than others - without good reason (Which I personally find quite rude.) but hey. Cousin Alfie, Loki, Virag, Giulia and even our upstairs neighbour Aoife turned up.
I had the annoying misfortune of deleting 30% of my most recent photos of my phone by accident, the ones of her birthday too. Bummer.
Still, here are a couple by others.