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Saturday, 20 July 2013


Went away for a spontaneous family mini holiday to Cornwall earlier this week.
We stayed at Hayle but visited St. Ives and Land`s End too and traveled through Penzance.
It was amazing to say the least. The weather was beautiful, the sea is breathtaking, the people are the kindest I`ve met lately. After our 5 days of heaven, arriving back to Lilevrpool Street on a Friday afternoon peek time, where if you`re lucky people just look through you, buts most likely kick your pram/suitcase/feet was pure disgust. The combination of that, and the five long, hot and airless hours spent on the train made me almost beak down in tears. I came to realise how much I actually hate London and not sure if I wanted to stay here on the long haul.

The holiday itself was nice, even though you can`t really relax when you have a child. Lileeva was an angel when she decided to be content and well behaved, but was a monster when she got bored and overtired. Which happened quite easily unfortunately. This put Lee on edge, and that put me on edge.
We didn`t argue much, but I did have the amp of having to look after Lileeva the majority of times, after all that`s what I`m doing at home too. I`m still not sure though Lee realises how much being a stay-at-home mum sucks the life out of you on a daily basis.
Anyways, we did have our wonderful moments, and for that, the trip definitely worth it.

On Monday, my friend Sanyi, who now lives in Plymouth was waiting for us in the train station. After packing our luggage we ended up in a pub`s beer garden which was looking right at the sandy beach and had a playground for kids. Perfect.

Tuesday we took the bus to St. Ives. It reminded me of Edinburgh with it`s highly touristy atmosphere, tiny beautiful streets and the sea view. Only the weather was better, obviously. Met with Sanyi later and had a mini BBQ outside our chalet. Was delicious.

On Wednesday we took the Cornwall tour bus from St. Ives. Visited St. Michael`s Mount which is a castle on top of a mountain in the sea, which you can get to by walk if the tide is low or by boat when it`s high. Then we went to Land`s End, the very corner of the UK. Just beautiful. Words can`t really describe.

Thursday was our lazy day, spent on the sandy beach. Lileeva didn`t really enjoy the sea, but Lee got over his fear and went in all the way, swimming. He got quite burnt too, while I scrubbed up a nice little tan myself.

All in all, it felt like we were on some tropical island, anywhere but within the UK`s boarders. It was magical, and we are definitely going back again at some point.