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Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Oh my god, how could I forget?!
It's usually either of us doing Lileeva's bedtime routine, never together. No reason behind it, just that's how we work around things, trying to have a fair share in everything that involves her. Tonight it was my turn: Bathed her, put her in pyjamas, fed her, then put her down in the cot.
That's when Lee walked in, to say good night to her, with me still by the cot too.
The way Lileeva looked at us was so precious! She had so much love in her eyes, even Lee noticed it! I never saw her looking at us like this, it was such a beautiful moment, I hope I can keep it in my mind forever!
We should make a habit of putting her down together, it clearly made her very happy. Not to mention, after being so scared of her disliking me (See my post pregnancy entries from a year ago.) it made me certain that she does love me! Yay!
These little things, that words can't describe, make parenthood simply the best thing in life.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


A great mess of thoughts ahead.
Lileeva is definitely a meat eater. (Phew!) It's not like I'm stuffing her face with meat all the time, but I give her the option, just how I thought I would. (Post 85.)
I made gulyás today and within minutes the beef was vanished from her plate! She does the same with anything that includes frankfurters and bacon, just picking them out, leaving the rest last.
She also goes mad for pasta, but has a strong dislike towards cheese. And, I discovered today that she's a bread lady too. As soon as she saw my lunch of chicken roll, she refused to eat her fruits, but kept pointing to the direction of bread rolls.
Lileeva is going to be a 'talker'. Apparently they either walk or talk first. While Loki is 11 months, very physical and already walking, Lileeva only stands and cruises, if that. She got lazy since discovering the magic of crawling, and wouldn't anymore take steps or even stand for long, while holding our hands. But, on the other hand, she learned a new word: daddy. Now everything is 'daddy' or 'what'. 'Mamama' only when she's angry.
She also kisses now. Very rare, and not so keen on it, but opens her mouth wide, coming for a full french but bites either our lips or nose instead. Naughty.
She takes the whole milk perfectly fine by the way! Kali said I could already have known that she is not lactose intolerant, because formula is made of cow's milk. Hmm, don't know. Milk powder can have different effects than milk I suppose. For example I can't handle cheese or milk, but am perfectly fine after having cream on my soya Starbucks and a chocolate coated marshmallow twizzle. Anyway, she's able to take milk and got to like it quick so we're ditching the formula as soon as we run out... Which will be quite some time, since we only use a little, to mix the milk with.
Oh, 10 teeth all together. Don't know when did they pop out, but they are out and functioning well.
I went to a baby group today, and I got told I've got the perfect child, ha! Girls are meant to be easier than boys, but everyone were curious about my technique of making her sleep 12-14 hours straight, throughout the night. I suppose I'm just lucky that she takes after Lee, laziness wise haha!
I realised again, that she's tiny comparing to other babies. (Healthy, but has a smaller frame, and not as chunky.) I call her my midget, just for fun, but honestly, I'm greatful for it, really. Hopefully, mainly for her sake, it means she grows to be a petit lady.
And yes, I am a very lucky mummy having her. She is perfect to me, I love her so much!

Sunday, 25 November 2012


Official news: I am slowly becoming a mumsy mum.
It's freaking me out how much I love grocery shopping. Online of course. We monthly shop, and I just love comparing food's health factors and prices. I love organising and putting away the massive delivery and I love when the fridge and the cupboards are full.
I'm kind of obsessed with cooking and baking lately too. Wish I had more time and creativity on the cooking front though, so it's mainly baking for me. I'm bare thankful for Lee of subscribing me for a cake decorating magazine, just for fun. He got me hooked, and, to be fair, he comes out of the situation nicely too, with cakes on a regular basis.

I'm getting into the Christmas vibe. Not quite there yet, but very close. I put the lights up already, in the living room and Lileeva's room. The Christmas air-fresheners and scented candles are out too, and I'm planning our seasonal dinner and sweets. I'm more worried about the main course than the cakes really.
I'll be making 'Christmas soup', gammon and sausages. My family traditionally eats them with home baked bread, but I think I'll get Lee to make roast potatoes instead. If it doesn't come out quite as I expect, from next year I'll be making traditional töltött káposzta for our Hungarian Christmas.
As of sweets, there's going to be a lot. My parents are sending out some szaloncukor which will be put on our tree, just like in my childhood. I'll be also making chocolate cookies and will hang them up too as edible decorations. I'll be buying mézes puszedli (spiced honey rolls) in the nearby Russian shop, and I'm determined to make coconut balls, bejgli and maybe habcsók for the tree perhaps. These, and of course Christmas themed cupcakes.
And, hopefully, this year we will make it to Winter Wonderland as well, finally! Last year Lileeva was too young, I was just getting her in the routine (Nightmare!) plus taking out a bottle fed baby is always tricky. This time hopefully she can enjoy the bright lights and smells and we can have a nice, festive family outing.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


I've been going through my bookmarks yesterday and found my friend's, Kali's baby blog. I have mentioned previously, that before her son was born we were pretty much just colleagues, nothing more. However, since there's only a tiny age gap between Lileeva and Loki, we started to hang out more and became friends.
My point here is, that I wasn't at all part of her pregnancy, and reading her experiences last night, made me incredibly broody!
This made me think of Lee's words: 'The next child has to be conceived by God by the look of things. Well, at least we're going to raise Jesus.' I probably shouldn't put such things here, but damn did it make me laugh! Not to mention, he's right. We have very little time for each other due to me trying to live a normal, daytime life with Lileeva whereas he's working nights. We practically see each other for an hour or so daily, and sex is the last thing on our minds.

On another note, I was planning on doing a summary of Lileeva's first year. So many things have happened, from a tiny wrinkly baby who hadn't have an eye sight and hadn't been able to hold her neck up on her own, she went to an amazing little individual, eating by herself, trying to walk and talk, having her own little personality.
There are so many mile stones, yet I'm unable to put them together. Just like my pregnancy. I remember everything, but nothing at the same time. It feels like I just woke up yesterday to give birth, woke up today and she's one. I probably wake up tomorrow, at 60+, pop my dentures in and get ready for the weekend visit of my grandchildren.
Time is a fucking tricky thing.
Instead of the summary, I've tagged/labelled all my previous entries, so they are somehow in order.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


I'm happy they had the chance to meet. I'm also happy that g.diddy had the chance to see Lee, whom he loved and cared for as his son, settle down and become a father.
Chances are slim, but I wish Lileeva remembered great granddad Albert.
Rest in peace g.diddy!

Saturday, 17 November 2012


Sometimes I just don't understand why do people have to get involved in things they have no business with.
I had this supposedly close friend, we fell out quite some time ago, things like these happen. I told her until she fixes up and apologises I have no intention to be in touch with her in any form, however, I did message her once, asking whether or not she had anything to say. She hadn't. I did apologise for my behavior previously, and I expect the same. I don't take anyone talking to me like a dog, especially not a 'friend'. She obviously doesn't see that anything is wrong with her attitude, which is fine. At least I know, I did try to fix things.
But then why on earth is she still clinging onto Lee, texting him on Lileeva's birthday instead of me? Why on earth does she feel the urge to be a part of my daughter's life? If she really wants to get involved, why do it slyly instead of admitting of being wrong and sorting things out between us first? There is a history of common admiring (Yes, that way.) between her and Lee from before I knew either of them. Now I know Lee would never hurt me intentionally, however her behavior and the steps she makes lately are questionable.
I mean, it does come across weird, doesn't it? I might be wrong of course, but so far she didn't give me any reason to think any differently of her.
Funnily enough we fell out because she was jealous of me and her then boyfriend, whom she's not together with anymore. (This was way after we had Lileeva, by the way. Yes, ridiculous.)
Don't understand why do people have to be generally sly and nasty.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


I'm not the kind of fanatic who's taking photos of her child's face daily and uploads a super fast montage video of it on YouTube. Which, by the way, beyond it's personal meaning to the actual family, is only doing one favour to every viewers: Giving them a massive headache, or, perhaps, and epileptic fit.
However, I do snap a lot, so decided to put together a monthly, photo version of the above. Mainly for myself, cause as I'm seeing Lileeva every day, I tend to forget how much did she actually change within her first year.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Lileeva started her big day with a lay in. That's my girl!
It went nicely, a special day without anything special. Shortly after breakfast we brought the cake and the presents in, but Lileeva, as expected, was more interested in digging her fingers deeply into the cake than opening her prezzies.

Then Kali and Loki arrived, they stayed just long enough for the kiddie pair to make a bomb sight out of our living room. There were cake in every corner of the room, not to mention the icing and jam patches smudged into the rug haha! Later on Lee's mum dropped by with more presents.
Here's a brief list:
- money
- earrings
- jacket-vest
- lots of pyjamas
- boots
- dresses and outfits
- leggings/trousers/tights
- learning tea set
- zhu zhu rockstar
- disney princess bike
Most of the clothes are Peppa Pig printed. Obviously.
One of my closest friends, Szabolcs, who lives in Hungary had made the effort to give us a call, just 10 minutes before he had to go on stage. Knowing him, our friendship's previous ups and downs, his not exactly warm feelings toward children and the history of his reliability, it was truly touching! Definitely made our day special, and made us feel extra loved, considering most of my friends not even bothering to text. Which I'm absolutely not bitter about by the way! My point here is Szabolcs was pretty much the last person I expected to pick the phone up for us, and well, he was actually the only one who did in fact.
We demolished the entire cake the same day. Since Lileeva refused to eat anything else but the cherry jam filled Peppa iced victoria sponge, she gave herself a massive sugar rush, and went to bed quite late. Quiet but happy birthday it was.

As of today, it feels like Lileeva has changed overnight. Not just that she looks all grown, absolutely anti-baby like, but she comes for more cuddles by her own will, cracking up of a funny thought out of nowhere, and, in fact, today she managed to say 'khee-thy' as of kitty and 'see-saw' as of cica which is kitty in Hungarian. She only done 'khee' and 'see' yet, apart from her trademark 'and what?' with her hands in the air.

I'm letting Lileeva eat absolutely by herself. I technically do not have a choice, as every time I want to help her with the cutlery, she throws a hissy fit. For now she tends to just hold the fork in one hand, studying and licking it every so often, while she's scooping the food in her mouth with the other hand. Well, at least she near enough stopped tipping the full bowl upside down just for fun.
Since we are almost out of formula and we lack of money, I thought it's time to try her on whole milk before bed. As I presumed, she didn't like it due to it not being as sweet as the formula. For now the solution is giving her milk with the morning porridge and mixing 1/3 formula with 2/3 milk for the night time bottle, then slowly reducing and at the end dropping the formula when she starts getting used to the more soury taste.
I'm quite hopeful about this method, really.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Friday, 9 November 2012


Out of hours GP can kiss my ass.
I do understand that they receive and have to respond for many calls from worried old people who just want to chat to someone about their missplaced dentures and such. I do understand that I can't expect them to know that my case is different and I would never call unless it's last minute and absolutely necessary. But still...
I hit them up last night around 0950pm with my call, because I got really worried for Lileeva. Second day it was for her without any food and not much liquids. Well, she did eat but it came straight out on the other end, then refused to eat or drink more. Can't blame her for it, but it scared the hell out of me, so much that I started to give her small amount of well diluted adult electrolyte replacement. She didn't have much of it, but a tiny amount was enough for me to keep my mind on ease about the dehydration.
So she wasn't eating, wasn't drinking, wasn't anymore sleeping even though she was dead tired, wasn't comfortable laying down or being carried and didn't have the energy to sit. She wanted to be alone, but held at the same time. Basically, couldn't shoot her with anything for hours, she would just wiggle on the floor, crying from pain.
The doctor said they'll call me back. So they did. At 1140pm. By then, after crying for 4 and a half hours, Lileeva has literally passed out sleeping on the living room floor and didn't even mind me carrying her to her bed. I kindly thanked the nurse on my most malicious voice for calling me back, then hung up.
My GP this morning, on the other hand, was really nice. However, she didn't look too concerned about Lileeva's tummy bug, she was more interested in her ongoing cold. Now I am no doctor, but I know it's not just a simple cold. She had that, many times, and got over them quick. Then I get a stomach bug and shortly after she has the same symptoms... Must be coincidence, indeed.
Anyways, she got antibiotics which I'm not so keen on, but have to admit it does help. A lot. She instantly feels better after taking it and has her appetite and thirst back. I still had to change her bum shortly after feeding her, but at least there is chance for something absorbing in her little system at last! I am aware that it mainly the antibodies that do most of the work but she's able to sleep after taking the medication and eating a bit, so at the end her system has time to rest and reset itself.
I hope she gets better over the weekend, otherwise she won't be able to have her jabs on Monday. And that I want to get over with.
All this shit shall be well forgotten before the big number 1!

Edit 12/11/2012 Monday:
By tonight Lileeva is much better! She's back on eating, still little but often, and she drinks a lot of liquids. Her coughs still sound painful and chesty but are getting less regular and she is indeed more active. She is back on mischief missions and smiles a lot more.
Lee took her to the GP this morning, so we are over this injection madness for a while! He says Lileeva wasn't bothered about the one she got in the arm, but did shed a few tears over the thigh ones, but all in all she was a brave girl, as always.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I knew Lileeva has hit rock bottom with this illness yesterday afternoon, but didn't post about it as she looked a bit better within a few hours. Now I know that it was only the effects of CalPol.
We are rolling in to the third week with this, and I'm starting to get worried.
Awful chesty cough, pale face, red around the eyes, temperature and no appetite lately. I even gave her an extra bottle yesterday, but she had none of that either!
Side information, that I consider myself strict when it comes to a good old routine. Even when she was in great pain with teething, I rather have given her meals mashed and puréed than to go 'one step back' with a bottle.
This morning Lee had to deal with one of those top-to-toe presents I mentioned not long ago. (265.) Stomach bug, without doubt. And only I can be blamed for it. I've been spending my past couple of days on the loo and have been dealing with the exact same symptoms of temperature, lack of appetite and no energy or motivation whatsoever. Only the aim to sleep.
I do hope she gets over it quick too. Only boiled potatoes and toast for this lady today! Luckily she likes warm camomile tea with a dash of honey, so at least we can work on that horrible cough this way.
Not in my intention to stuff her with CalPol, I rather have her immune system break a sweat and work on things, but at this point I'm considering upping her dose. I've been giving her 2x 5ml daily, which is half of the amount she's allowed to have at her age. Might up it to 3x today, if she's poorly later.
We also had an appointment with the nurse for Friday, to get her 12 months jabs done, which has been rescheduled for Monday due to a double booking. Probably for the best, don't suppose they do vaccination while the patient is ill. Anyways, if she's not better by then, it really is the time to have someone to look in to things.
I don't want her to be medicated, but I only have so many home remedies and after all, I'm not a doctor.
Meanwhile this morning we had big family cuddles. Both Lee and me liked to curl up next to our mums when we were ill, so we recreated these memories for Lileeva. We layed a big duvet on the living room floor, got the pillows, throws and teddies out and made Lileeva lay between us. She didn't have none of the cuddles though, was moaning and fidgeting so I suggested to Lee just to leave her. After all, I'm not keen on cuddles myself either. She was asleep within a minute or so. Then Kitty joined in too, purring.
It was a perfect family moment. I do wish we had a camera on the ceiling to capture these.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


I've got the prettiest little girl, ever!
Randomly caught moments like the one below shows how innocent and gorgeous Lileeva is. My little sleeping beauty. Unless you're a parent, you'll never understand how could one be in love with their children.

With the upcoming big day (Exactly a week! Eeek!) we are leveling up, like she knows.
We are using the big bath now daily over the baby bath.
Lileeva also stood by herself this morning, for the first time! Lee let her go, and there she was for a few seconds, well proud of herself. Then humped on her bum, quite safely. She kept repeating the action so I reckon she'll be walking by the New Year.
She's also playing the miss independent game lately, which can be very hard to deal with, especially while feeding. She wants to use the spoon and fork by herself, can't yet seem to be knowing how to though, but throws a screaming fit when I try to help her. I let her off for now as she's still very ill and doesn't seem to have much of an appetite. If she was hungry, she would eat using her hands anyway.
Honestly, no matter how hard and tiring parenthood can be every now and then, it's worth every single minute. I am so much in love with her!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Round two. Nothing serious, just letting our chances.
Lileeva had her first dentist experience today. She doesn't yet have stereotypes or any previous bad experiences, obviously, so she was a good girl. No screaming or crying, in fact she was very calm, letting the dentist peek in her mouth easier, than she lets us doing it so.
She has another couple of teeth popped out lately, which we didn't yet see, but felt when rubbing Bonjela on her gums, and we of course knew about them due to the obvious signs of teething.
Anyways, the dentist said they're coming through as expected: 4 each at the front on the top and the bottom, then a couple at the back, leaving a gap between the front ones. Now we have the reason of not seeing them yet, we were looking at the wrong place, ha!
She is amazing though, can communicate with us quite well now, pointing at things she wants. She's very cheeky though, for example when she's not hungry and knows I'm watching her, she's trying to fool me with pretending to eat the bit of whatever is in her hand, then oops, like nothing happened she just drops it on the side, giving me the most innocent smile she can.
Lileeva is still ill, for over a week now. I am heating the flat up more since, and she seems to be sleeping better and more lately. Also, we are laying an old duvet on the living room floor as of today for her. Having a wooden floor during the winter, when she's yet only crawling isn't too lucky.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Little bit of a shinfo ahead. Quite literally. It's something you do talk about when you have a baby.
I kind of miss the milky poos. When they are only feeding with milk, don't think it matters whether breast of formula, coming out it smells pretty much the same as it's going in. I don't miss the messiness that comes with it though. All over from belly button, all the way up on the back.
Haven't had milky ones for ages, obviously, since I've been weaning from an early age of 3-4 months.
Then we had a nugget period. Damn do they stink! Rabbit poo. Bless, you could see she was struggling getting them out, her face went all red from squeezing so hard haha!
For quite some time now Lileeva has healthy, adult shits. The proper ones. Blurgh! I suppose it's good though as it means I'm feeding her well.
Three meals a day, one snack, and a bottle before bed.
I noticed lately that every time she eats banana she does a number 2. No matter that she's done one or a few previously the day, as soon as she eats the fruit she goes poop. Wonder why?!
Do wonder if she's going to be lactose intolerant too?! Suppose we will see soon, as we run out of the last bit of 6months+ formula we'll try her on cows milk. Just have to keep an eye on the state of her nappy. She doesn't seem to like cheese and the white sauce bit of the lasagna though. I'm doubting that she's actually my child. How can you not be addicted to cheese?!

My mum was asking me about how does the potty training go. Ehrm... I thought you start to potty train them when they can at least say 'pee pee' and 'poo poo'. She said she started to train me around 7-8 months as soon as I could sit up. It was summer time and as soon as she saw that I needed a wee or poo, she ripped the nappy off of me and put me on the potty. As long as things went to the right place, she kept the nappy off of me, which I think all babies like, therefor I learned what to do quite quick.
I'm going to start her on the mission when the weather is warmer, so by then hopefully she'll be able to say the magic words too. I never anymore know when does she need to go, so I suppose I'll be just letting her run free on the wooden floor and watch and be quick. Won't be easy.
I better start to prepare myself now.