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Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Lileeva started her big day with a lay in. That's my girl!
It went nicely, a special day without anything special. Shortly after breakfast we brought the cake and the presents in, but Lileeva, as expected, was more interested in digging her fingers deeply into the cake than opening her prezzies.

Then Kali and Loki arrived, they stayed just long enough for the kiddie pair to make a bomb sight out of our living room. There were cake in every corner of the room, not to mention the icing and jam patches smudged into the rug haha! Later on Lee's mum dropped by with more presents.
Here's a brief list:
- money
- earrings
- jacket-vest
- lots of pyjamas
- boots
- dresses and outfits
- leggings/trousers/tights
- learning tea set
- zhu zhu rockstar
- disney princess bike
Most of the clothes are Peppa Pig printed. Obviously.
One of my closest friends, Szabolcs, who lives in Hungary had made the effort to give us a call, just 10 minutes before he had to go on stage. Knowing him, our friendship's previous ups and downs, his not exactly warm feelings toward children and the history of his reliability, it was truly touching! Definitely made our day special, and made us feel extra loved, considering most of my friends not even bothering to text. Which I'm absolutely not bitter about by the way! My point here is Szabolcs was pretty much the last person I expected to pick the phone up for us, and well, he was actually the only one who did in fact.
We demolished the entire cake the same day. Since Lileeva refused to eat anything else but the cherry jam filled Peppa iced victoria sponge, she gave herself a massive sugar rush, and went to bed quite late. Quiet but happy birthday it was.

As of today, it feels like Lileeva has changed overnight. Not just that she looks all grown, absolutely anti-baby like, but she comes for more cuddles by her own will, cracking up of a funny thought out of nowhere, and, in fact, today she managed to say 'khee-thy' as of kitty and 'see-saw' as of cica which is kitty in Hungarian. She only done 'khee' and 'see' yet, apart from her trademark 'and what?' with her hands in the air.

I'm letting Lileeva eat absolutely by herself. I technically do not have a choice, as every time I want to help her with the cutlery, she throws a hissy fit. For now she tends to just hold the fork in one hand, studying and licking it every so often, while she's scooping the food in her mouth with the other hand. Well, at least she near enough stopped tipping the full bowl upside down just for fun.
Since we are almost out of formula and we lack of money, I thought it's time to try her on whole milk before bed. As I presumed, she didn't like it due to it not being as sweet as the formula. For now the solution is giving her milk with the morning porridge and mixing 1/3 formula with 2/3 milk for the night time bottle, then slowly reducing and at the end dropping the formula when she starts getting used to the more soury taste.
I'm quite hopeful about this method, really.

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