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Monday, 5 November 2012


Round two. Nothing serious, just letting our chances.
Lileeva had her first dentist experience today. She doesn't yet have stereotypes or any previous bad experiences, obviously, so she was a good girl. No screaming or crying, in fact she was very calm, letting the dentist peek in her mouth easier, than she lets us doing it so.
She has another couple of teeth popped out lately, which we didn't yet see, but felt when rubbing Bonjela on her gums, and we of course knew about them due to the obvious signs of teething.
Anyways, the dentist said they're coming through as expected: 4 each at the front on the top and the bottom, then a couple at the back, leaving a gap between the front ones. Now we have the reason of not seeing them yet, we were looking at the wrong place, ha!
She is amazing though, can communicate with us quite well now, pointing at things she wants. She's very cheeky though, for example when she's not hungry and knows I'm watching her, she's trying to fool me with pretending to eat the bit of whatever is in her hand, then oops, like nothing happened she just drops it on the side, giving me the most innocent smile she can.
Lileeva is still ill, for over a week now. I am heating the flat up more since, and she seems to be sleeping better and more lately. Also, we are laying an old duvet on the living room floor as of today for her. Having a wooden floor during the winter, when she's yet only crawling isn't too lucky.

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