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Tuesday, 27 November 2012


A great mess of thoughts ahead.
Lileeva is definitely a meat eater. (Phew!) It's not like I'm stuffing her face with meat all the time, but I give her the option, just how I thought I would. (Post 85.)
I made gulyás today and within minutes the beef was vanished from her plate! She does the same with anything that includes frankfurters and bacon, just picking them out, leaving the rest last.
She also goes mad for pasta, but has a strong dislike towards cheese. And, I discovered today that she's a bread lady too. As soon as she saw my lunch of chicken roll, she refused to eat her fruits, but kept pointing to the direction of bread rolls.
Lileeva is going to be a 'talker'. Apparently they either walk or talk first. While Loki is 11 months, very physical and already walking, Lileeva only stands and cruises, if that. She got lazy since discovering the magic of crawling, and wouldn't anymore take steps or even stand for long, while holding our hands. But, on the other hand, she learned a new word: daddy. Now everything is 'daddy' or 'what'. 'Mamama' only when she's angry.
She also kisses now. Very rare, and not so keen on it, but opens her mouth wide, coming for a full french but bites either our lips or nose instead. Naughty.
She takes the whole milk perfectly fine by the way! Kali said I could already have known that she is not lactose intolerant, because formula is made of cow's milk. Hmm, don't know. Milk powder can have different effects than milk I suppose. For example I can't handle cheese or milk, but am perfectly fine after having cream on my soya Starbucks and a chocolate coated marshmallow twizzle. Anyway, she's able to take milk and got to like it quick so we're ditching the formula as soon as we run out... Which will be quite some time, since we only use a little, to mix the milk with.
Oh, 10 teeth all together. Don't know when did they pop out, but they are out and functioning well.
I went to a baby group today, and I got told I've got the perfect child, ha! Girls are meant to be easier than boys, but everyone were curious about my technique of making her sleep 12-14 hours straight, throughout the night. I suppose I'm just lucky that she takes after Lee, laziness wise haha!
I realised again, that she's tiny comparing to other babies. (Healthy, but has a smaller frame, and not as chunky.) I call her my midget, just for fun, but honestly, I'm greatful for it, really. Hopefully, mainly for her sake, it means she grows to be a petit lady.
And yes, I am a very lucky mummy having her. She is perfect to me, I love her so much!

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