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Monday, 30 July 2012


6th tooth cut through yesterday on the top right. Thought they usually come through at the bottom first?!
Lileeva has also got the hang of standing at last! I showed how to hold herself up by the sofa a couple of days ago and yesterday she was already pulling herself up in the cot, holding onto the rails! She still has trouble getting up in a standing position and with the weight of her bum but she's doing really good and learning very fast!
Pretty sure she won't be a crawler (She wouldn't even get up in a crawling position the lazy chops!) but will go on the walking straight away.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


5th tooth, on the top left. Noticed it today but it must've popped out about a week or so ago cause it's out-out. Probably has something to do with her teething amber necklace, cause she doesn't seem to be in pain or anything.
Lileeva has been dribbling a lot lately, blowing raspberries all day and chewing on her tongue so I reckon another one is on it's way too. She's also been sleeping a lot which is a sign of teething when it comes to her.
The food routine has changed as well, pretty much straight after posting my previous entry. She's been playing up with the morning bottle and by now she has pretty much dropped it. She's also getting fussed when being fed. Little miss independent rather self feed.
09am - Breakfast (Porridge with her milk)
01pm - Lunch (Whatever I have or jar.)
05pm - Dinner (Fruits.)
09pm - Bottle
Lee said Lileeva is becoming more and more like me. She sleeps on her side now spooning her teddy. I do the same with pillows. She keeps hating cuddles and kisses and is very very nosey. Yep, definitely my little girl.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Lileeva is rolling over now properly. And constantly.
I know some babies at this age might even be walking and she doesn't even crawl yet, however I'm not too fussed. As long as she is happy... She will do things whenever she is ready.
The feeding goes surprisingly well. Lileeva still has jars when there is something I can't mash for her (Salad for example.) or something is too spicy but other than that she eats what I make. She loves sausage and mash, had sweet and sour chicken with noodles, eats ham on toast, crumpets, adult weetabix and today I'll try her on a Hungarian dish, paprikás krumpli.
09am - Bottle
12pm - Breakfast (Toast, crumpet, porridge.)
03pm - Lunch (Whatever we eat.)
06pm - Dinner (Usually fruits.)
09pm - Bottle
It's summer time here again (They call it heatwave.) so we are out on the balcony in our pool.
By winning!

Edit 15:45
I'm so happy! She loved the Hungarian food very much! I'm extra happy cause I can't particularly cook and it was made all by me! No frozen sausages or jarred sweet and sour sauce. And it was traditional Hungarian. And since she's a baby she can't and wouldn't lie. If she didn't like it she simply wouldn't have eaten it, nor making an impatient fuss between each spoonful. I'm so chuffed. I feel like a real mummy hero! Haha oh these little things...

Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Lee took Lileeva to see the health visitor for her 8 month check up.
She's 7.9kg and all fine but we got told to put her on her stomach and make her stand more often so her crawling and later walking can develop.
We also got free vitamin drops and free kids books. She loves books. I like this.
The health visitor said we shall start dropping baby food all together. Jars she meant. Apparently after 12 months they are not supposed to have any baby food. So we are giving her more finger foods now, like crumpets, toasts, chicken nuggets, chips, fruits, vegetables. We even tried to give her bits of fried chicken and some rice the other day, but it was too dry for her. I reckon we will finish the 10 months+ jars which we got from Louise (Our 14 months old nephew refuses to eat anything but finger food now.) and that's about it, she will be on proper adult food.
Now I have a little bit of trouble with that. I can't cook. I mean I can, but don't think she would be able to eat rice, pasta, curry etc. comfortable until she can use cutlery. Salad is too chewy and she yet only has teeth at the front.
I was dreading this moment from the very beginning.
Also, being the most impatient person alive, letting her eat by herself is quiet a challenge for me. She is doing it right, obviously takes time on chewing but she gets distracted very easy, likes to play with the food such as chucking it on the floor or drawing with it on the wall. Ah well, hopefully it won't last for long.
Lee is starting his new shifts today. So far so good. Hope it stays like this.

Saturday, 14 July 2012


I came across this picture and a quote in Hungarian which I translated and pasted below.

'My dear Daughter: One day when you're seeing me old, please be patient and before all, just try and understand me. If I'll be keep repeating myself don't shut me up with 'you already have said that' just listen to me please. Remember when you were a little girl I kept repeating the same stories for you from night to night until you fell asleep. If I won't be wanting to have a wash don't disgrace me, don't argue, but remember how many times did I have to chase you around the house with promises, before your night time bath. If I'll be standing unknowingly in front of new things, give me time to learn and don't show that you think I'm hopeless. Remember Dearest, how many things have I taught you when you were young: Eating nicely, getting dressed by yourself and standing strong when Life challenges you. If walking will be difficult please let me lean on you, on the way how I helped you taking your first steps. If I'll be losing my words during conversations don't demand me to find them, just listen to me. And when the last days are approaching don't leave me alone because you're feeling sad or helpless. Help me finish my journey. Then, I'll thank you with a cheeky smile that we spent this time together; the gift of Life.'
(And how on Earth can I expect any of these from Lileeva?! I do hope we will develop a good relationship but somehow I still have a feeling Karma will give me a very bitter ending. Sigh. We will see.)

Friday, 13 July 2012


The third Friday the 13th since... Can't wait for her birthday to be on the Friday. She was born on a Sunday but because of the leap year her 4th will be on a Friday. After all it's not so bad of not giving birth to her on 11/11/2011.
8 months today. Where has the time gone?

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012


I stopped taking Lileeva to baby massage. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it lately and that was the whole point.
She's still not crawling or like being on her stomach. So lazy! She could roll over now like she done it a few times but is too lazy to do that too. Ah well...
We will be getting a baby walker so that shall help. Maybe she won't be a crawler but a straight off walker?! Anyways, the baby walker will help me keep sane as well, since Lileeva is still screaming from separation anxiety every time I leave the room. This way she can follow me or I can drag her to the kitchen when I'm doing the washing up and stuff.
She is back in the 09am-09pm routine luckily. She has a bottle at 09am then I put her back down cause she looks tired again, so while she's having a nap I have time for a bath and to get ready.
We are selling our big pram. Don't know how will we be able to manage that, cause all our friends have given birth already or bought the equipment for their unborn babies. It has to be a Gumtree or eBay thing but it's a bitch to pack and post cause it's big.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I already feel a bit better
I'm generally happier, calmer and seem to be coping with Lileeva's screaming fits easier. Result!
Increased her milk and food intake lately which seems to be helping keeping her quieter. I recognise her high pitched screamo from the early days. Sigh.
Don't think I've mentioned that she's very good with finger food now, soon maybe we will ditch the jars. She mostly plays with the food yet and not realising that she has to open her fist to shove the last little bit in her mouth, but we're getting there.
Still can't do anything with her separation anxiety though, apart from bearing it.

By the way, just hit me how much of a girly girl I am! I never really played with dolls, have always (And still.) been hanging out with boys, and even though I learnt to dress up for occasions I do prefer trousers over skirts. Tomboy much. But when it comes to Lileeva I'm losing it every time! I love getting her dressed, matching the clothes, making her hair. I'm so happy that we turned out to be having a little girl. I'm so happy to have her.
Lee might be getting a new shift at work. He'd be doing 5 nights, 9 hours shifts instead of 4 nights, 12 hours shifts. If he sticks to not laying in every day he has got to go to work, it can even work out for us better as a family. We will see.