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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


Lee took Lileeva to see the health visitor for her 8 month check up.
She's 7.9kg and all fine but we got told to put her on her stomach and make her stand more often so her crawling and later walking can develop.
We also got free vitamin drops and free kids books. She loves books. I like this.
The health visitor said we shall start dropping baby food all together. Jars she meant. Apparently after 12 months they are not supposed to have any baby food. So we are giving her more finger foods now, like crumpets, toasts, chicken nuggets, chips, fruits, vegetables. We even tried to give her bits of fried chicken and some rice the other day, but it was too dry for her. I reckon we will finish the 10 months+ jars which we got from Louise (Our 14 months old nephew refuses to eat anything but finger food now.) and that's about it, she will be on proper adult food.
Now I have a little bit of trouble with that. I can't cook. I mean I can, but don't think she would be able to eat rice, pasta, curry etc. comfortable until she can use cutlery. Salad is too chewy and she yet only has teeth at the front.
I was dreading this moment from the very beginning.
Also, being the most impatient person alive, letting her eat by herself is quiet a challenge for me. She is doing it right, obviously takes time on chewing but she gets distracted very easy, likes to play with the food such as chucking it on the floor or drawing with it on the wall. Ah well, hopefully it won't last for long.
Lee is starting his new shifts today. So far so good. Hope it stays like this.

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