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Thursday, 26 July 2012


5th tooth, on the top left. Noticed it today but it must've popped out about a week or so ago cause it's out-out. Probably has something to do with her teething amber necklace, cause she doesn't seem to be in pain or anything.
Lileeva has been dribbling a lot lately, blowing raspberries all day and chewing on her tongue so I reckon another one is on it's way too. She's also been sleeping a lot which is a sign of teething when it comes to her.
The food routine has changed as well, pretty much straight after posting my previous entry. She's been playing up with the morning bottle and by now she has pretty much dropped it. She's also getting fussed when being fed. Little miss independent rather self feed.
09am - Breakfast (Porridge with her milk)
01pm - Lunch (Whatever I have or jar.)
05pm - Dinner (Fruits.)
09pm - Bottle
Lee said Lileeva is becoming more and more like me. She sleeps on her side now spooning her teddy. I do the same with pillows. She keeps hating cuddles and kisses and is very very nosey. Yep, definitely my little girl.

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