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Sunday, 1 July 2012


I already feel a bit better
I'm generally happier, calmer and seem to be coping with Lileeva's screaming fits easier. Result!
Increased her milk and food intake lately which seems to be helping keeping her quieter. I recognise her high pitched screamo from the early days. Sigh.
Don't think I've mentioned that she's very good with finger food now, soon maybe we will ditch the jars. She mostly plays with the food yet and not realising that she has to open her fist to shove the last little bit in her mouth, but we're getting there.
Still can't do anything with her separation anxiety though, apart from bearing it.

By the way, just hit me how much of a girly girl I am! I never really played with dolls, have always (And still.) been hanging out with boys, and even though I learnt to dress up for occasions I do prefer trousers over skirts. Tomboy much. But when it comes to Lileeva I'm losing it every time! I love getting her dressed, matching the clothes, making her hair. I'm so happy that we turned out to be having a little girl. I'm so happy to have her.
Lee might be getting a new shift at work. He'd be doing 5 nights, 9 hours shifts instead of 4 nights, 12 hours shifts. If he sticks to not laying in every day he has got to go to work, it can even work out for us better as a family. We will see.

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