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Saturday, 14 July 2012


I came across this picture and a quote in Hungarian which I translated and pasted below.

'My dear Daughter: One day when you're seeing me old, please be patient and before all, just try and understand me. If I'll be keep repeating myself don't shut me up with 'you already have said that' just listen to me please. Remember when you were a little girl I kept repeating the same stories for you from night to night until you fell asleep. If I won't be wanting to have a wash don't disgrace me, don't argue, but remember how many times did I have to chase you around the house with promises, before your night time bath. If I'll be standing unknowingly in front of new things, give me time to learn and don't show that you think I'm hopeless. Remember Dearest, how many things have I taught you when you were young: Eating nicely, getting dressed by yourself and standing strong when Life challenges you. If walking will be difficult please let me lean on you, on the way how I helped you taking your first steps. If I'll be losing my words during conversations don't demand me to find them, just listen to me. And when the last days are approaching don't leave me alone because you're feeling sad or helpless. Help me finish my journey. Then, I'll thank you with a cheeky smile that we spent this time together; the gift of Life.'
(And how on Earth can I expect any of these from Lileeva?! I do hope we will develop a good relationship but somehow I still have a feeling Karma will give me a very bitter ending. Sigh. We will see.)

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