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Monday, 9 July 2012


I stopped taking Lileeva to baby massage. She doesn't seem to be enjoying it lately and that was the whole point.
She's still not crawling or like being on her stomach. So lazy! She could roll over now like she done it a few times but is too lazy to do that too. Ah well...
We will be getting a baby walker so that shall help. Maybe she won't be a crawler but a straight off walker?! Anyways, the baby walker will help me keep sane as well, since Lileeva is still screaming from separation anxiety every time I leave the room. This way she can follow me or I can drag her to the kitchen when I'm doing the washing up and stuff.
She is back in the 09am-09pm routine luckily. She has a bottle at 09am then I put her back down cause she looks tired again, so while she's having a nap I have time for a bath and to get ready.
We are selling our big pram. Don't know how will we be able to manage that, cause all our friends have given birth already or bought the equipment for their unborn babies. It has to be a Gumtree or eBay thing but it's a bitch to pack and post cause it's big.

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