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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Lileeva is rolling over now properly. And constantly.
I know some babies at this age might even be walking and she doesn't even crawl yet, however I'm not too fussed. As long as she is happy... She will do things whenever she is ready.
The feeding goes surprisingly well. Lileeva still has jars when there is something I can't mash for her (Salad for example.) or something is too spicy but other than that she eats what I make. She loves sausage and mash, had sweet and sour chicken with noodles, eats ham on toast, crumpets, adult weetabix and today I'll try her on a Hungarian dish, paprikás krumpli.
09am - Bottle
12pm - Breakfast (Toast, crumpet, porridge.)
03pm - Lunch (Whatever we eat.)
06pm - Dinner (Usually fruits.)
09pm - Bottle
It's summer time here again (They call it heatwave.) so we are out on the balcony in our pool.
By winning!

Edit 15:45
I'm so happy! She loved the Hungarian food very much! I'm extra happy cause I can't particularly cook and it was made all by me! No frozen sausages or jarred sweet and sour sauce. And it was traditional Hungarian. And since she's a baby she can't and wouldn't lie. If she didn't like it she simply wouldn't have eaten it, nor making an impatient fuss between each spoonful. I'm so chuffed. I feel like a real mummy hero! Haha oh these little things...

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