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Wednesday, 7 November 2012


I knew Lileeva has hit rock bottom with this illness yesterday afternoon, but didn't post about it as she looked a bit better within a few hours. Now I know that it was only the effects of CalPol.
We are rolling in to the third week with this, and I'm starting to get worried.
Awful chesty cough, pale face, red around the eyes, temperature and no appetite lately. I even gave her an extra bottle yesterday, but she had none of that either!
Side information, that I consider myself strict when it comes to a good old routine. Even when she was in great pain with teething, I rather have given her meals mashed and puréed than to go 'one step back' with a bottle.
This morning Lee had to deal with one of those top-to-toe presents I mentioned not long ago. (265.) Stomach bug, without doubt. And only I can be blamed for it. I've been spending my past couple of days on the loo and have been dealing with the exact same symptoms of temperature, lack of appetite and no energy or motivation whatsoever. Only the aim to sleep.
I do hope she gets over it quick too. Only boiled potatoes and toast for this lady today! Luckily she likes warm camomile tea with a dash of honey, so at least we can work on that horrible cough this way.
Not in my intention to stuff her with CalPol, I rather have her immune system break a sweat and work on things, but at this point I'm considering upping her dose. I've been giving her 2x 5ml daily, which is half of the amount she's allowed to have at her age. Might up it to 3x today, if she's poorly later.
We also had an appointment with the nurse for Friday, to get her 12 months jabs done, which has been rescheduled for Monday due to a double booking. Probably for the best, don't suppose they do vaccination while the patient is ill. Anyways, if she's not better by then, it really is the time to have someone to look in to things.
I don't want her to be medicated, but I only have so many home remedies and after all, I'm not a doctor.
Meanwhile this morning we had big family cuddles. Both Lee and me liked to curl up next to our mums when we were ill, so we recreated these memories for Lileeva. We layed a big duvet on the living room floor, got the pillows, throws and teddies out and made Lileeva lay between us. She didn't have none of the cuddles though, was moaning and fidgeting so I suggested to Lee just to leave her. After all, I'm not keen on cuddles myself either. She was asleep within a minute or so. Then Kitty joined in too, purring.
It was a perfect family moment. I do wish we had a camera on the ceiling to capture these.

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